Who Are Your Fitness Heroes?

The decision to get fit may be at the suggestion of a doctor or maybe it’s because someone inspired you. These people are fitness heroes that you think about every time you face a challenge. It isn’t blind “hero worship” to appreciate the efforts of someone else. If the person reached a huge goal, appreciating that goal and getting the inspiration from it can help you reach yours.

Is your fitness hero someone you know?

Maybe someone in your family worked hard to get back into shape or overcome a disability or road block. One woman’s husband had a real scare that put him on the straight and narrow. He thought he was having a heart attack and while he wasn’t, he turned his life around and got into shape with a program of regular exercise. She saw how tough it was and how he gave up his guilty pleasure foods, switching them for whole foods. She also was impressed when he quit smoking and stuck to the workout program. He became her fitness hero.

There are so many inspirational stories of people getting fit against all odds.

You don’t have to know the person to appreciate what they went through to get fit and active. Whether it’s a wounded warrior who worked to put his or her life back together and no only learned to walk with a prosthesis or function without a hand, excelled at fitness, almost putting others to shame, the young athlete born without limbs or a senior who turned their life around at an advanced age to become tops in their sport, all of these types of stories not only humble us, they inspire us to greatness. These are truly fitness heroes in their own right.

Famous people can inspire you with their dedication and discipline.

Fitness heroes can be famous athletes who have dedicated their life to being the best at what they do. These heroes can be motivators to show the benefits of discipline and hard work. Many of these fitness heroes not only encourage healthy lifestyles, they also live them. The true heroes are the ones that don’t take their position for granted and give back to the community, setting another good example for everyone.

– Ernestine Shepherd is an example of a senior who didn’t start working out until later in life. At 81 she still remains active and looks years younger than her birth certificate says. She helps others her age get and stay fit.

– There are body builders, weight lifters, basketball players and other athletes who persevere despite missing limbs and other disabilities. You’ll find many in wheel chair competitions.

– Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something or get healthier. There are hundreds of examples of people who have heard it and proved nay-sayers wrong.

– Find a fitness hero who inspires you and use that inspiration to achieve not only your goals, but your dreams.

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