Best Lower Ab Workouts

So many people come to Prime Fitness Studio in Totowa, New Jersey, wanting help to flatten their stomach and get great abs. They often want lower ab workouts. There is just one called the Rectus Abdominis muscle. That muscle runs the full length of the abdomen and splits into the left side and right side, but isn’t upper or lower. They’re crossed over by the Linea Alba, those are the muscles that make you look like you have a six-pack. So to get lower abs strong, you have to get the Rectus Abdominis strong. In other words, you have to strengthen your abs.

Get a great ab workout and full body workout with kettlebells.

You’ll work all the muscles in your body, especially your abs, with the right kettlebell exercises. Because of their center of gravity is outside your hand, unlike dumbbells, it changes as you move and forces your core muscles to work to keep you stable. That means almost all kettlebell workouts indirectly work your abs. However, some will directly make them stronger, such as kettlebell windmills, the kettlebell Turkish get up, sit and press, straight arm sit and lateral swings. We provide instruction with kettlebells that will help make your workout safer.

Bodyweight workouts can get you a six-pack.

Whether you’re doing a plank, a bridge or bicycle crunches, they all help you get a flatter stomach. A reverse plank is one exercise that gets you into shape fast. It works the muscles deep inside your stomach. Lay on your back with both arms and legs fully extended. Tighten your abs, then raise your hands and feet off the floor and hold for twenty seconds. Lower both back to the floor.

No matter what exercises you do, if you are overweight, nobody will see those tight muscles.

One of the biggest problems faced by people that want a flat stomach and great abs is that they won’t ever get them unless they lose weight. No matter how long you workout, if you have a layer of fat hiding that muscle, nobody will ever know it and your stomach won’t be flat. It will still be flabby. Eat healthy and lose weight if you’re overweight. It’s the only way to have the great abs you want.

  • You can use a regular plank and modify it to work muscles on all planes. Try a side plank, plank with a kick out and plank with a leg raise. If you’re new to working out, a traditional plank on your forearms is the best place to start.
  • Just tightening your muscles using isometrics helps. Stand tall, inhale and then pull your stomach in like you want to touch your backbone as you exhale. Hold that position as long as you can. Do it frequently throughout the day.
  • Traditional leg lifts and modified ones that include scissoring your legs after you raise them or bicycling your legs work your abs.
  • If you’re just starting a workout program, we can help. We’ll create a program designed for you to help you achieve your goals.

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