Guardians Of The Gluteus

If you’re focusing on getting a good looking backside, you may be working just the gluteus maximus, the most prominent of the muscles of the derriere. We help our clients in Totowa, New Jersey, focus on all the muscles of the area, including the gluteus medius, often called the guardian muscles.

Why are the gluteus medius important?

The gluteus medius run along the outer hip and are the primary ones to bring stability to the femur and pelvis. Strengthening these muscles help prevent pelvic drop or movement inward of the femur during weight-bearing exercises. If you’re running, when these muscles are weak, it can cause knee injuries, joint overuse, diminished stability and shin splints by allowing your back to twist in unnatural ways or causing your knees to collapse.

Using exercise bands can help strengthen the gluteus medius

You have to know the right exercises to do for those muscles, however. One exercise using bands uses a mini band about a foot across or tie a resistance band loosely to the same size. Place just above the thighs around both legs and do a quarter squat. Then start side stepping in one direction, letting the other leg slowly step in but not completely, keeping tension in the band. Step sideways ten steps in one direction, then do it in the opposite direction. Do this exercise three times a week and go for three sets to build the gluteus medius.

You can use this gluteus medius as a warm up for leg day or by itself to build the muscle.

You can use the same exercise band for this one. It’s a great warm up exercise that reaps big benefits. Put the band around both legs right above your knees. As you lay on your side, bend your knees. Touch your heels as you lift the top knee against the band. Hold for ten seconds or longer if possible, then lower your leg. Do approximately ten repetitions and then roll over with the other leg on top. Do three sets.

  • If you have knee pain, you definitely need to strengthen your gluteus medius. Try a lateral step down. You only need a step or box with just a few minutes. Stand sideways on the step and slowly tap the heel of the outer foot on the ground then bring it back onto the step. The higher the step, the harder it is.
  • The single-leg wall lean can be done anywhere you have a wall. Stand parallel to the wall, lift your leg and bend the knee to a 90 degree angle with the leg closest to the wall, pressing the opposite foot into the floor and the leg that’s bent into the wall.
  • If you want to make it more challenging, try a leg bridge or side plank with hip abduction. Both are tough and will challenge you and both require you to pay close attention to form, especially as you tire.
  • At Prime Performance, we’ll create programs to build all the muscle groups and focus on ones that are weaker. You’ll get workouts that are created especially for you and will help with any physical limitations or weaknesses.

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