Healthy Is The New Happy

I see so many clients in Totowa, New Jersey that come to Prime Fitness who just want to feel good again. They want that vitality back that they once had. In other words, they want to have a zest for life and feel happy. That’s when I realized, they were talking about being fit and healthy and that energized feeling you get when you’re in shape. It made me realize that healthy is the new happy and even though I’ve always been dedicated to helping people become their best, boosted my desire and focus to provide a path to achieve that goal.

Feeling fit and strong boosts your self-confidence and improves your self-image.

When you feel healthy and fit, it shows. You feel more like participating with others and socializing. You’re more likely to undertake an adventure that was on your bucket list, but didn’t think you could accomplish. Fitness means feeling good about yourself and those around you. Isn’t that the real meaning of happiness.

Get rid of the stress of the day or start your day out right at the gym.

There are so many reasons that exercising improves your mood. One of the biggest is that it burns off the hormones of stress. Feeling stressed can make you snap back at others and leave you feeling funky and distressed throughout the day. That’s not the definition of happiness. Working out burning off the hormones of stress is both good for your health and your happiness. Exercise also boosts the production of endorphins and other happiness neurotransmitters and hormones.

Studies show that it’s not poor health that necessarily makes you unhappy, but how it limits you in everyday life.

One larger study found that people in poor health that were limited by their health, such as urinary incontinence, were more likely to be unhappy than those who had a condition that still allowed them to carry on daily activities without any interference or limitations. Staying active and functioning is the key to happiness. That’s why being healthy and fit is synonymous to being happy. It allows you the freedom to do what you love in life.

  • Eating healthy should be part of a healthy lifestyle. Several studies show that people who adopted healthy eating habits boosted their happiness levels even before health benefits occurred.
  • Happiness may also be the pathway to good health. Numerous studies show that people who smile more or those that are optimistic tend to live longer and healthier. Good health and happiness are intertwined.
  • Working out and getting fit can make you feel empowered. When you feel personally empowered, you tend to be happier.
  • You’ll be happier when your workout is fun. Come try our kettlebell workouts. Not only are they fun to do, they get provide more benefits in a shorter time.

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