Unlock Fat With Kettlebells

Unlock Fat with Kettlebells

You don’t have to work hard to get rid of that excess fat that clings to your body, you can unlock fat with kettlebells. A kettlebell workout is a superior way to get back into shape, while eliminating those boring long workouts that entail riding the bike to nowhere or walking a treadmill for hours. It helps you build functional strength, while also burning far more calories in a short time than you ever would with other types of exercises. They burn an amazing 20.2 calories per minute minimum and sometimes more. You’d have to run fast, so fast you’d be able to complete a six minute mile, in order to burn as many. In fact, there are very few exercises that compete. The only one close is cross-country skiing UPHILL as fast as you can.

You don’t need a lot of equipment for this training.

Kettlebell training just requires a kettlebell, good instruction and a place big enough to swing the kettlebell. If you aren’t sure what size to get, your instructor will help you find the ideal weight and may even provide kettlebells for you to use for a few visits. You can workout almost anywhere. You’ll notice how hard the workout is, but also how quickly it ends. Since it includes flexibility, cardio and strength training, it’s like running at top speed to catch a bus with a huge bag of groceries or a 20 pound baby in your arms. You can also add to that dodging low hanging branches as you run. It’s pretty intense.

Fat doesn’t have a chance.

You might say fat doesn’t have a fat chance of surviving regular kettlebell workouts. While you’re exercising you’ll burn calories, just as you would with any type of exercise, but you continue to burn extra calories for as long as 30 hours after training. Most other exercises stop burning calories when you stop exercising. The complex core movements of kettlebell training also stimulate the body to create HGH, which boosts fat burning.

The slightly off-center weight makes stabilizer muscles work harder.

If you didn’t see much improvement using either dumbbells or barbells, don’t automatically discount kettlebells. While the balanced weights, such as dumbbells and barbells, help you build bulkier muscles, the unbalanced weight of kettlebells works your core muscles, as well as many other muscle groups. Rather than building bulk, it tones and defines the muscle, while also burning tons of calories.

Say good-bye to boredom with kettlebells. These are fun to use—when you learn to use them properly. You’ll look forward to your workouts.

Use kettlebells for shorter workout sessions. Since kettlebell training burns so many calories so quickly combines cardio, strength, balance and flexibility training, while also providing a total body workout, you don’t have to exercise as long, making it great for busy people.

Kettlebell workouts strengthen everything, besides just muscles. Your tendons and ligaments will become stronger and you’ll have stronger joints.

Kettlebell training replaces fat tissue with lean muscle tissue. Muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue does so you’ll boost your metabolism.

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