Ways To Exercise As A Couple

Having fun and enjoying an active lifestyle can bring to people together to create memories that last a lifetime. Many people in Totowa, New Jersey, enjoy the time they spend together in pursuit of an active lifestyle. For those that don’t share the same interest in a specific sport, finding a way to exercise as a couple is important, but not that challenging. There are many reasons working out together is beneficial. Lots of those reasons are the same as the ones that make workout buddies a good idea.

If you’re starting a workout program with a spouse, both of you have to make a commitment.

If just one person in the couple is dedicated to getting fit and the other couldn’t care less, but just wants to keep peace, it will be far harder to stick with the program. Make sure you’re both committed before you start. It takes being really honest with each other, but extremely important. One thing that makes couple workouts more attractive is that it improves their sex life and overall relationship. Create a plan and schedule the workout at the same time each day. Make sure it includes strength, flexibility, balance and endurance training.

When your spouse is your workout buddy there are benefits, but also drawbacks.

I don’t know why it is, but sometimes people fail to meet commitments with a spouse that they’d meet with other people. Probably because they feel more secure in the relationship. Set the ground rules. Maybe you won’t workout together every day and make alternate days at the gym your date night. Find ways to workout together whether it’s as simple as a walk, shooting hoops or doing squats or bodyweight exercises during commercials when watching TV.

Doing couple exercises can be more fun and more challenging.

Change up squats to make them more fun. Start back to back-to-back in standing position with arms intertwined. Then both of you do a squat until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Alternate with ones that start back-to-back with arms folded in front. Do a couples plank, facing each other. It’s a regular plank, but in the middle, each raises one hand and you do a high five, then back to starting position. Modifying old favorites can make them fun again.

If you aren’t sure where to start on your workout program, we’ll be glad to help. Since you’ll each have different goals and fitness levels, working with a professional is important. Remember men tend to lose weight and build muscle faster, so we help keep it realistic.

Having a spouse as a workout partner provides benefits, like emotional support and even some competition.

There are definitely benefits to having a spouse as a workout partner, like having a spotter or cheerleader for motivation.

If you want a real challenge that’s lots of fun, consider kettlebell training. There are other things you can do with a spouse, like wheelbarrow exercises. Learn new ways to get fit with us and practice at home.

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