We Are an Anti-Gym that Focuses on Personalized Fitness Training in Fairfield NJ

If you want personalized fitness training in Fairfield, you have to start going to the anti-gym. Most gyms provide all the equipment, but none of the individual attention that is required to get maximum results. Everyone’s left to do their own “thing,” which often isn’t getting them results or even could cause injury if they’re working hard, but not performing the exercise correctly. That’s not an option for us.

Gyms don’t keep up with the latest studies in exercise.

Many gyms have high priced machines that are supposed to do the work of fitness for you. Because these machines are expensive, even if a study showed they didn’t provide the most effective workout, they’d stay in the gym until they’ve been depreciated away or at least paid for the investment they cost. Not all workout programs need big, expensive pieces of equipment, nor are these expensive pieces always the best method of getting fit. In fact, much of the time, knowledge in the area of fitness is the biggest asset that can help get anyone in shape.

Kettlebells don’t cost a fortune, but they do offer huge benefits.

Personalized fitness training in Fairfield may include kettlebells if you go to an anti-gym. Most large gyms don’t have them available or if they do, they don’t provide instruction. Using kettlebells properly is the key to using them safely and effectively. While kettlebells don’t cost a fortune, studies show they’re one of the most effective methods of exercise if you use them correctly.

Making lifestyle changes can help you become fitter and lose weight.

Our anti-gym attitude focuses more on lifestyle changes rather than working out for a few hours a week. When you change your eating habits and add regular exercise to the mix it blasts fat away and also deters many serious conditions, such as high blood pressure and diabetes. When you attend an anti-gym that focuses on personalized fitness training in Fairfield, you’ll get a program designed especially for your needs that can help you make the necessary lifestyle changes.

Some exercises provide more benefits than others. Kettlebells, for example, burns huge amounts of calories and gives a total body workout.

Getting fit takes dedication and sometimes requires a bit of motivation from an outside force or individual. Big gyms don’t offer personalized service or encouragement.

Teamwork and group enthusiasm can make working out more fun. We encourage small group workouts to heighten the level of dedication, while also keeping it personalized and exciting.

No big gym could ever guarantee results. Only an anti-gym would offer a money back guarantee.

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