Body Transformation Contests

7 Step formula to lose over 20 lbs and win a 6-week body transformation challenge

If you’ve ever wanted to get back into your skinny jeans in the shortest time possible, have a reason to get off the couch and into a focused training regimen, and see some major pounds drop on the scale, there’s really no better way than a body transformation contest.

Here’s Peggy, a past contest winner. Her strategy? Boot camp, food logging on and walking her dog every day.It makes sense that having a strong sense of urgency would push you to strive with everything you’ve got, and because of that you would create some real momentum as you lost pound after pound each week during the contest.
Our upcoming contest that starts on June 24th is going to be a great opportunity to push yourself to get those results you’ve been wanting…especially if those results have been coming too slowly or even eluding you altogether.

But the question remains…
How can I lose over 20 lbs during the 6 Week Body Transformation Contest, so that I can be in the runnings to WIN!?
First off, congrats for thinking big and knowing deep inside yourself that YOU really can do this!  You can win. YES, YOU!!
Anyone who can see it in their mind first can do it.  It really just comes down to an inner decision.

But back to the question of HOW DO I LOSE 20 LBS OR MORE DURING THE CONTEST?

Here’s Rick. His strategy? Boot camp training 2x per day, 4 days per week and clean eating.Yes, in this very blog post I will reveal the EXACT formula on how to use our upcoming contest to completely transform your body in 6 weeks and win that prize!  (This time around we’re giving away a $500 CASH to the top female AND male winner, 2 months of boot camp to the 2nd place winners and a beach cruiser bicycle to the third place winners).
Keep in mind, these “7 step fool proof formula to lose over 20 lbs” and become a winner in this upcoming contest are the exact steps our past winners used to win.  We don’t believe in re-inventing the wheel.  Use what works!  Use what’s proven!



Just like any victorious champion – Michael Jordan, Rhonda Rousey, Floyd Mayweather, Danica Patrick, Tony Hawk, Tiger Woods – they all had the ability to see themselves victorious in their chosen sport.  They knew that for them, it was possible.  They also knew if they put in enough hard work and focus that they could accomplish what they set out to do despite the odds against them.
Did you know Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team?
Did you know Rhonda Rousey couldn’t speak until she was 4 years old?
There’s always challenges, but it’s the decision to win that sets the stage for the final outcome.  The decision to say to yourself “I WILL WIN” and to be able to see yourself winning, to visualize it, be clear in your mind and know that for YOU it is possible.
…and you must understand this important distinction between having a chance and saying deep inside you will win.  The distinction is that you really SEE and FEEL in your mind, your heart and every cell of your body that you’ve already won, and that now you just need to go out and finish what you’ve created for yourself in your mind!


Do you think winners take the easy road?  Do you think winners spend 3 hours a night watching TV?  Do you think winners choose the ice cream over the protein shake?  Do you think winners skip a workout?  Do you think winners take weekends off?
If you think you can create incredible results for yourself in 6 weeks by taking short cuts, think again.  The good news is that the extra effort you need to put in is really just 10% more effort than you might normally give.
You see, when we typically go about to accomplish something, we usually put in a good amount of work.  We do some planning, we train hard, we eat right…most of the time.  But if we were to just give 10% more effort on top of that do you know what would happen?  You’d break that glass ceiling you were hovering right up against!

Here’s Shellece. Her strategy? Consistency, watching her carbs, and drinking LOT’s of water!Yes, just 10% more effort than you would normally give is really all it takes!  You know you’d be doing well in your eating 85% of the time…now just give it 10% more effort and you’ll be up at 95%!!
…and if you’re hitting the workouts about 85% intensity, just give it 10% more effort and you’ll be at 95%!
…and if you have those instances where you have a choice…a choice to jog or a choice to watch TV, a choice to go home and prep your meals or to go get fast food, or a choice to replace a negative thought with a positive one…it’s in those moments of choice – THAT 10% – that’s what will make all the difference!


Going into ANY type of situation where you plan to win, you need a plan and a strategy to get you there.  It’s not enough to just have a belief that you will win.  You need to lay out a game plan.
In business, relationships, home finance, or any project the plan and strategy you use to get to your goal will make or break your ability to come out the winner.

Everyone will have a different plan and strategy going into this contest.  Here’s an example of a plan and strategy you can use, but feel free to use what works for YOU.  Did Mike Tyson use the same plan and strategy to become a champion as Muhamud Ali?  Did Apple computers use the same plan and strategy as Microsoft?

Here’s 3 example plans you could use to win this contest!

1. Heavy cardio plan – With this strategy you would add in a jog or walk in the morning for 30-45 minutes, another 30-45 minute jog during your lunch hour, and in the evening hit up a boot camp class to get your high intensity metabolic training in.  On the weekends make plans to do long hikes or bike rides.  Make sure to drink lot’s of water on a heavy cardio plan, and replace your electrolytes with 8 ounces of coconut water on days where you do back-to-back workouts.  This can help replenish you on days where you’re doing lot’s of extra cardio.

2. Nutrition focused plan – Get on a customized meal plan with our nutrition specialist, Jenn Erath for the 6 week contest.  A customized nutrition plan is a worthwhile investment because you’ll know exactly what to eat and when to eat it during the entire 6 weeks, and with what you’ll learn during the 6 weeks you can apply for a lifetime.  Jenn is doing fully customized meal plans, an initial consult and 15-minute weekly accountability check-in’s for the entire 6 weeks for only $300.  E-mail Jenn Erath at to set up your customized plan.


There’s a popular saying that goes “If you fail to plan you plan to fail”.
It’s so important to plan AND prepare for your contest, and the biggest way to prepare is to prepare your foods so that you have everything ready to go and you don’t have to think about it, you just eat it!

We suggest taking a few hours aside on a Sunday afternoon and do all your shopping and meal prep in that time.

To make it simple: Make a grocery list, get everything you need, go prepare some meals, put your meals and snacks in tupperware and plastic bags for the week.

See!  It’s that simple!

You can use to count calories if you want to make sure you’re in the correct caloric range for fat loss.

You can also use to look up ANY food and find information on it regarding a foods calories and macronutrient ratio.
We recommend 40% – 50% of your calories coming from carbohydrates, approximately 30 % from protein and 20% – 25% from fats. If you use you can calculate this…or if you do a customized meal plan with Michelle, she’ll calculate all this for you.

Preparation is more than just meal preparation. Try this strategy for preparation for workouts.  The night before, take out your workout clothes and lay them by your bed. Visualize yourself “winning” in your workout. Get excited about the feeling of accomplishment you’ll have once it’s done!

Some people say motivation doesn’t last.  You know what?  They’re right!!  That’s why all the best re-motivate themselves daily.  See yourself winning, prepare your meals, prepare your workout clothes.  Now you’re ready.  Now you’re in the mindset of a champion.  Consistently stay prepared during your 6 week contest and you will come out a winner.


I won’t spend too much time on this, but I thought it worth mentioning.
Although it’s possible to lose weight by starving yourself, by sitting in a sauna with a plastic bag wrapped around your body or even by smoking crack, you’re not doing yourself any favors by cheating!


Remember that to really win in this challenge doesn’t mean getting to first place and winning that $500 CASH no matter what the cost.  The real winner will be the person that gives it their all while respecting their body and mind.   As my martial arts master always says, “It’s not WHAT you do, it’s HOW you do it!”


Just like our regular boot camp training at Way Of Life Boot Camp, one of the biggest ways to see ourselves succeed is to lift up the people around us to success.  Give that person next to you a high five.  Ask someone if they’d like to meet for a jog or a hike.  See if others want to go do some “group grocery shopping” or even food prep!  Get involved.  It’s your boot camp, it’s your contest.  Take ownership!

When you elevate others you elevate yourself.  We’ll have a private Facebook group up that will be just for challenge members so that you’ll be plugged into what’s going on, and if we have bonus workouts on the beach, you’ll be the first to know!


There are times when we all stand by and watch everyone else but ourselves get involved, get results, and make things happen. This isn’t one of those times!
We encourage you to sign up and register NOW!  You may want to ask yourself, what’s the worst that can happen?

I think worst case scenario is you push to do your best for 6 weeks straight, you lose a few pounds and you learn for yourself what you could do to improve in the future.  That’s the worst case scenario!!

…BUT the best case scenario is you win a $500 CASH and lose about 20 lbs and feel amazing about yourself!!

The time will pass anyway.  Are you ready for the challenge?