Losing Weight With No Time For Exercise

When people come to Biofit Performance in Oviedo, FL, each has a different goal they want to achieve. Losing weight is often a goal people want to reach, but who also come prepared with excuses like a slow metabolism or no time for exercise. To solve that problem, we created an online version so you can workout any time, any place without leaving the house. Using this app is one way to make more time. You can schedule your workout around your day and do it before the day starts or at the end of a busy work day.

Losing weight requires you to eat healthier, too.

One of the most important parts of weight loss is a healthy diet. Great looking bodies start in the kitchen. Our meal planning can help you with a ready-to-make weekly menu that will guide you, so you can learn to eat healthier without any hassle. You’ll be surprised how meal planning and prep can aid in weight loss and make more time during the week when you’re busiest. Just making that one change, healthier eating, can start the process of losing pounds permanently.

Cut workout time with circuit training or HIIT—high intensity interval training—workout.

If you cut your workout time down, you may find it easier to fit in your schedule. Circuit training saves time because you move from one type of exercise to another without resting much in between the two. You’ll be surprised at how much time it saves and how great the results are. High intensity interval training—HIIT—is a method of doing an exercise, whether it’s a simple as walking or your gym routing. You walk, run, or exercise at your highest intensity and get your heart pumping for a short time, then go at a recovery pace for an equal amount of time. You get results faster with an HIIT workout and can cut workout time in half.

You may have time for exercise if you break it up into shorter sessions.

Studies show that you get the same benefit from three ten-minute workout sessions as you do with one longer thirty minute one. If you’re working at home, take a break every hour or two and do a short ten minute workout. You’ll get an entire workout by the end of the day. If you work outside the home, do ten to fifteen minutes in the morning, the same amount of time at noon and/or after work. Consider it your decompression at the end of the day. You’ll feel better and burn off the hormones of stress.

  • Increase the amount of activity in your day. People were born to be active. Walking, gathering food and hunting comprised early man’s activities. Go back to your roots and find ways to walk more. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Get more out of every movement by making it a HIIT exercise.
  • Carry a healthy lunch to work and go for a walk to the park or a bench where you can eat. Make the walk brisk or a HIIT workout to maximize the benefit of the walk. Make sure it’s at least ten minutes at a time.
  • Realize you do have time to exercise, even if it’s not a formal class. Sync your phone or computer to your TV and use our online program. Do your workout before your favorite show.
  • Identify times to become more active. Make family time more active and play with the kids. Go for walks, shoot baskets or get bikes or hula hoops for everyone and do it together. You’ll be doing the kids a favor, too.

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