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    “Chad lost 34 lbs. in 12 weeks!”

    Before joining Iron Fit, I had not been exercising for about a year and feeling a lack of energy and generally down about my appearance. My wife suggested going with her to Iron Fit Circuit Training and I was very skeptical at first because my time is precious and group exercise classes that I had attended in the past were not very challenging. I was in the class for maybe a week before we started the 12 week challenge. That got my attention.

    From my past, I knew how to work out but I did not know how to control my diet to be healthy and control my weight. Erik helped educate my wife and I on what ratios of protein, fat and carbs we should have at each meal. This completely changed the way I viewed eating and I committed to the program. I find the workouts at Iron Fit to be intense, tough, and challenging and push myself harder than I would on my own.

    The Iron Fit family is supportive and highly motivating, which helped drive me to lose 34 pounds in 12 weeks. Eating healthy and regular exercise is now a lifestyle for me and I would not have done it without the 12 week challenge at Iron Fit. I find myself more energetic and productive in my daily life. Thanks Iron Fit for the education, comradery, and great experience.