Success Stories


I had been working out on my own for 12 years, thought I was eating OK, and was resigned that my body was ‘stuck’, and would never change that much.

Wow, was I wrong! My husband and I had recently moved to Stone Oak, and he accidentally stumbled upon an Iron Fit class just finishing up. He noticed the smiles and sweat, family-like atmosphere and was introduced to Erik by the class. We came back later in the day, and Erik patiently answered all of our questions and invited me to try Iron Fit Circuit Training for 3 days. Erik worked with me, and suggested alternate exercises as my body adjusted to the Iron Fit training and intensity.

I had a spinal fusion 4 years earlier, and Erik was knowledgeable, understanding and 100% supportive as I began my Iron Fit journey. I only thought I had been working out before! After 10 weeks and noticeable improvements in all areas, I entered the 12 Week Challenge. Erik was with us every step of the way, to include nutrition.

I didn’t know what I might accomplish in only 12 weeks, but I knew I trusted Erik, his methods, and my new Iron Fit family. As you can see from the results, my body was not ‘stuck’ – I just didn’t have the trainer, knowledge, or trust that it took to transform myself into a stronger, leaner, more energetic version. The results were amazing – I lost 30 pounds in 12 weeks – but the knowledge and confidence I gained from Erik and Iron Fit will last a lifetime. Thank you, Erik!


I had never really considered myself to be overweight; after all, I am 5’7” and maintained an average weight of 161 pounds. I had always been active and physically capable of doing day to day activities. I had ran 5K’s, completed numerous Obstacle Course Races and had even ran a full marathon!

I felt with all I had done, I was on track and doing everything right……but in reality, I was fooling myself.

My turning point came in December of 2015, when I watched my mother struggle through recovery after heart surgery. Seeing and caring for her, I finally realized that I needed to take care of myself both physically and mentally; so I joined a CrossFit gym, but I wasn’t seeing any results. I had little to no guidance or support in order to help or see me through my challenges. In the end, it didn’t work for me.

I knew Erik and had tried out his gym Iron Fit Circuit Training previously; but being a wife, mother and working fulltime, I lacked the commitment to put myself first. This time I was determined things would be different! I had followed the tremendous physical transformations of his clients during a previous weight loss challenge…they were simply amazing!! I told myself this is what I needed and that I could do this, so I joined and started his next transformation challenge shortly after! Little did I know then; the physical and emotional impact his training, guidance, support and even the gym itself would have on me. In 12 weeks, I lost 16 pounds, gained muscle and began to get toned!

At Iron Fit Circuit Training, the workouts are crafted to help you gain muscle while losing fat. Erik is always available to answer your questions, encourage you in your goals, motivate you and will push you to excel! His clients are just as amazing as Erik is as a trainer! I became a member of the ‘Iron Fit family’…..I wasn’t judged….I wasn’t intimidated…I was accepted!!

Words alone cannot express the gratitude I have and feel for Erik and Iron Fit Circuit Training!


First, need to give a HUGE THANK YOU to Erik Guerra for all the support, guidance and knowledge he has passed on to me over the past few years.

Joining Iron Fit is one of the best investments I have ever made towards my health. Before Iron Fit, I knew very little about exercising, minimal experience in any gym, poor lifting techniques and my nutritional intake was not the greatest. I was ready for a change but was nervous about joining a new gym. Glad I decided to step inside Iron Fit and give it a shot. Amazing just how impactful a gym like Iron Fit can have on someone’s life.

Personally have gone through so many positive changes since joining Iron Fit. Iron Fit Circuit Training is more than a gym, it’s a community of positive motivating individuals that form a family environment. Since joining Iron Fit my weight lifting amount has increased, more reps to exercises and running longer distances. Also since joining Iron Fit, completed my first fitness competition and scheduled to run my first 5k. I lost over 42lbs and dropped below 9% body fat during my 90 day transformation challenge. With Erik’s guidance, I have maintained keeping the weight off. I can honestly say I’m physically and mentally in the best shape of my life. This has also had and positive affect on my personal life, helping with my confidence and overall outlook on life.

I cannot express enough how much knowledge I have gained from joining Iron Fit. The nutritional knowledge learned has been priceless. Erik constantly stresses the importance of proper lifting techniques and proper nutrition that will forever stay with me. From personal experience, The Iron Fit program does work. Best advice for anyone looking to join Iron Fit, Listen To Erik!

Thank You again Erik for Everything.

And a Special Shout Out to Iron Fit Members for being so welcoming and encouraging. Truly a great group of people to be a part of.


I was inspired and encouraged to join Iron Fit by my wife, Mona. I had become the classic couch potato since I stopped playing team sports. I would occasionally train for a half or full marathon and quickly return to the couch after the event. My health had deteriorated to the point where my wellness checkup results showed that I was pre-diabetic with high cholesterol. As a result of 23 years of relative inactivity and weight gain I was dealing with neck, hip, and back pain which was intolerable.

I tried other gyms, but would quickly lose interest and motivation to train because I wasn’t seeing any results. I joined Iron Fit at the beginning of August and saw results in the first month. The results were a result of Erik’s intense and targeted workouts. Erik ensures his clients use proper weight lifting form at all times. Erik corrects improper form and provides continuous encouragement, as do the Iron Fit family members he has fostered. I participated in Iron Fit’s 12 Week Transformation Challenge from August 29 – November 18 and followed Erik’s dietary recommendations and lost 35 lbs. during the transformation challenge. My fitness, health, and eating habits have significantly improved. I no longer have neck, hip, and lower back pain and I no longer crave junk food late at night. Now, I reach for water bottles instead of a soda.

The results I have obtained are solely due to Iron Fit’s workout schedule and Erik’s nutritional recommendations and daily encouragement from the Iron Fit family. Thank you Erik for the encouragement and dedication you have for us to continuously improve our fitness, strength and nutritional habits.


In 2006, I lost a son, Josh (drunk driver took his life); he was only 16 years old. The pain of losing Josh drove me into a very deep, but well hidden, depression. Before losing Josh, I was very healthy, extremely physical, and truly enjoyed MMA as my form of “exercise.” After losing Josh, I became a “workaholic” and stopped any/all physical activity; food became a comfort for me. I was outwardly being very strong — “going on in life,” but inwardly, I wanted to give up! Over the next few years, I had gained more than 100 lbs.! After going through a very hard and difficult grieving process, I looked in the mirror and was truly ashamed of what I allowed for myself; I made a decision that it was time to get “back in shape” – both mentally and physically (so, the journey began).

In late 2014, I made a commitment to myself–it was time for a positive change! I initially hired a personal trainer. I was so embarrassed to exercise in front of anyone (including my trainer), but I wasn’t about to “back out.” Over the next 6 months, working with my trainer, I lost more than 40 lbs and started to feel energetic and happy again — this was awesome! Then, in May 2015, I was transferred to San Antonio for my job. Initially, I was super excited for the move, but after moving, that internal depression began to seep back in — now, for the first time in more than 25 years, I am an “empty nester” — my son decided to stay behind for his job (he was 19 yo, but he is still my “baby”). So, once again, food became my comfort and the weight immediately started to return. We finally found a new home and began to get settled in October 2015. I reminded myself how great it was to lose the weight and gain that energy and confidence….., so I went out seeking a gym! I saw a FB ad for Iron Fit, so I decided to give it a try.

Day one at Iron Fit: I was greeted by owner and trainer, Erik Guerra. Erik explained the routine/structure and asked if I wanted to try it for a few days. I, again, was super embarrassed to work out in front of people because of my excessive weight, but I participated anyhow. I’m soooooo glad I didn’t “talk myself out of” working out at IronFit that day — the experience was awesome — the endorphins kicked in and I was feeling great! Erik was very encouraging and ensured that my technique/form was correct — preventing those injuries. Throughout the one hour class, other Iron Fit members would approach me with words of encouragement — made me feel at ease, forgetting how “embarrassed” I was! I was immediately hooked! Now, I attend 4 – 5 sessions each week and I am feeling great! So far, I have lost ~ 35 lbs. and 28 inches. I feel stronger, healthier and happier! Each time I go to Iron Fit, I leave feeling accomplished. I am always amazed and impressed by the Iron Fit team members/community– everyone is truly so supportive and motivating, and Erik is such a dedicated and devoted trainer! I feel so blessed and honored to be a part of this team and I now believe that I will always have a place of refuge — away from the “internal depression!”

My journey is not complete, but it has definitely progressed, and will continue to progress, in a positive and healthy direction!
A special thanks to Erik Guerra for your “listening ear,” nutritional and exercise guidance, pushing me to my highest ability, and encouraging me to “Never Give Up” — your dedication and devotion is so appreciated — you are awesome!

Jerry G

My name is Jerry Gonzalez and I’m 60 years old. I started running about 6 years ago and trained for the 2015 San Antonio Rock and Roll Marathon. I was hooked on running and became a Marathon Maniac by completing 3 marathons in 90 days; all within one year of starting my running career! I was so enthused with this new “hobby” that I took up trail running and eventually trained and completed a 50 mile trail run in 13 hours.

I found a few local running groups while I was training for races and made a lot of new friends. We would have social runs about twice a week and would normally eat and drink afterwards. This tended to make me gain weight but I would eventually lose it training for longer races. However, this “yoyo” effect was obviously not meeting my goals of losing weight and looking fit. I was also “rewarding” myself too much after finishing races with post-race adult beverages and high carb foods.

So, while I was improving my running performance, I was still discouraged by my overall fitness. And, what I mean by fitness is how my body looked. While I was still putting in long training miles, I still wasn’t reducing my body fat percentage. I know that you must exercise and have a proper nutrition plan. But, I just wasn’t getting the nutrition right. Before I started working out with Erik at Iron Fit Circuit Training, I was not satisfied with my body fat percentage and body strength. For all the running I did, I still didn’t have that lean look I was looking for. Yes, I wanted to lose weight but I also wanted to be stronger, look stronger and feel stronger.

So, I decided to reallocate my training time to training with Iron Fit. I began by participating in his Iron Fit Transformation challenge on Jan 11, 2016 for a duration of 12 weeks. Starting with the initial weight of 188 pounds, I started his program of high intensity interval training and clean eating. We were shown how to eat better and to track our nutrients with tools like MyFitnessPal and Lose It. We weighed in every week to monitor our progress leading up to the final weigh in. Erik took before and after photos and the results were astounding! I lost 25 pounds that represented a 13% weight loss in that 12 week period. In addition to losing the pounds, my waist was 3 inches smaller and I have a total percentage of 15% body fat.

During this 12 week period, I was still running some 5k races, a 10k and a 10 miler. As I was getting stronger and losing weight, my race results were greatly improving! One way of running faster is to lose weight and I was definitely taking advantage of that What I enjoy most about Iron Fit is their commitment to provide a very balanced, well-rounded, and efficient program that not only produces amazing results, but is safe! As a runner, injury prevention is very important and I know Iron Fit makes it a priority in their program.

The Iron Fit Program and methods used produces Fat Loss results faster than any other workout program or gym I have ever tried. You won’t find much repetition in their workouts, so your body is constantly challenged. I burn more fat calories in one of their sessions than in a comparable effort doing a run.


I have never been a very fit person throughout my life. I lived a very sedentary lifestyle, and my diet was not good at all. I decided it was time for a change, and a few years ago I began to exercise routinely. My diet changed for the better. I began to lose weight, and I felt great. I stopped exercising one day, and that day led to another, and days turned to weeks. Weeks turned to months. Two years later, I had gained over 50 pounds. I was back to my old sedentary lifestyle with unhealthy eating habits.

Every now and then I would tell myself “Ok, tomorrow I’m going to start again”, but I never did. It got to the point where I was not comfortable with myself, and I felt so insecure. I was horribly overweight. I had to buy clothes at “big and tall” sections. I wasn’t getting any younger, and the more I waited, the more weight I gained. I realized it would eventually become harder for me to lose weight and become a healthy adult, so I decided to find an exercise program and stick to it this time.

I have never been good at going by myself to a gym. I tried that a few times, and I would find myself pacing back and forth most of the time trying to figure out what to do and what machines to use. I came across a gym sponsored on Facebook. The gym was Iron Fit. I was not so much skeptical as I was scared. I thought walking in there the way I looked would make everybody just stare at me and say “This guy doesn’t belong here”. The owner/trainer, Erik Guerra, greeted me with respect and was very helpful.

I found out this gym was for everybody, from beginners, like myself, to intermediate and advanced people. Erik would help me out throughout the workouts, making any adjustments as necessary while still keeping me getting a good workout. The thing about this gym is that I went in by myself, and every time I would step out, I would step out with a new friend on my phone or on Facebook. Every member there is just plain awesome. Everybody helps each other out. Everybody motivates each other.

If you feel like giving up, there will always be somebody next to you keeping you motivated and not letting you drop the momentum. Even if there is a person across the gym, you will here them yell “Come on! You can do it!”. The amount of teamwork that goes on in there is incredible. Erik offers help with workouts and with a proper diet plan that won’t leave you starving. Everybody else at the gym is also great help if you have any questions or are seeking any advice. Erik provides all the tools for you to be successful; strength training, cardio, nutrition, and accountability. It’s up to you to follow his lead. I dropped a little over 50 pounds in 3-4 months, and I have the motivation to keep going this time.

I have never felt better in my life. I can jog 2-3 miles when before Iron Fit I could barely jog half a mile. I can lift heavier. Clothes fit nicely. I don’t have to shop at the “big and tall” sections anymore. Everything is great. Going to Iron Fit Circuit Training has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. It is the gym that guided me to the right path.

Ashley F

I have always struggled with my weight (who hasn’t right?) I was a chubby kid starting at around the second grade and it stuck. But aside from that I have always struggled with my body image, which I’ve discovered plays a huge role in how I’ve managed my weight. No one ever taught me to love my body the way it was or for what it was. So I chased the “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” motto from about the time I turned 12 and hit middle school to about late 2012. I must’ve done and tried everything under the sun: Fad diets, diet pills to basically starving myself.

I did however discover running and fell in love. Then I found kickboxing classes and spinning and for the first time I fell in love with fitness (I have NEVER been athletic before). But I was a cardio queen. Ran 9 miles a day, elliptical machines for hours at a time…. I TRULY believed that cardio was what would get me to the ‘skinny’ I so desperately desired. But it didn’t, I got myself into relatively good shape, I was definitely thin (hitting a low of 100lbs once-not healthy). But I could never keep it off. It was a constant battle, especially with food. I THOUGHT I had a good grasp on nutrition and what was healthy eating, boy was I wrong.

So what changed? What happened in 2012? I met Erik. And I met weights. Heavy weights. And exercises that I didn’t even know existed. And I fell in LOVE, real love this time. I had never felt that way in my entire life: I felt strong; in control; I picked up that iron and as I got progressively stronger the ‘skinny’ crap that lived in the back of my mind faded. I followed Erik to Iron Fit, I’d follow him wherever he went honestly, & I’m here to stay. This transformation challenge was just the cherry on top. I had already transformed my body thanks to Erik but it really opened up my eyes. I FINALLY learned what nutrition really is, what clean eating is, and what foods (that I thought were healthy) to avoid. I learned how it wasn’t a diet I was on but a lifestyle. It’s not a concept many people understand; I don’t ever say I’m on a diet. I leaned out and got the look that I’d wanted my entire life. I finally lost that last 13 lbs. from my pregnancy I’ve been trying to get off for 4 years. I built muscle, toned up, got stronger, faster, and built up my endurance. But most importantly I started to love my body. I used to chase the number on the scale and the size of my clothes. Now I chase PR maxes and care more about how I feel than look. I get asked all the time when I’m out “you work out a lot huh? You’re a trainer? Do you compete?” and I always have Erik’s cards handy to give out. ‘Come check out my gym and talk to my trainer; it’s the best in SA’. I’ve done everything from boot-camps, Crossfit, kickboxing, spin class, fad diets, diet pills, wraps, and nothing even compares to the results you get when you train at Iron Fit!

Iron Fit is my home away from home with a group of friends I consider family. Good day? Iron Fit. Bad day? Iron Fit. Even when the last thing I want to do is workout I’m at Iron Fit and I always feel 1000% better walking out. I’m a mother now to a beautiful little 4 year old, who I can proudly say, will know how to love her body and all its capable of because she has a mom who has learned to love hers. Thank you Erik. #IronFitforLife

Lisa A

In May 2015, my husband and I moved from Pittsburgh, PA to San Antonio, TX. It was a tough move on me because I’d lived in Pittsburgh my entire life and moving meant leaving behind all of my family and friends. In Pittsburgh, I was active playing soccer on a few teams and going to TRX and kettlebell classes at my local gym however, in October 2014, I had suffered a severe concussion playing soccer. I was limited on exercise for 4 months while I recovered.

During that time we learned that we would be moving to San Antonio – I was out of shape already from not being able to exercise and I was stressed/emotional over the big move. My last few months in Pittsburgh were filled with going out to eat and drink with family/friends and eating fast food or take out as we packed all of our belongings. When we arrived in San Antonio, we didn’t know anyone so we spent a lot of time going out to eat and trying out all the new restaurants around us (Texas has amazing food!). I was out of shape and unhappy and I knew that I needed to find a gym and get myself back in shape both for my physical and mental health.

I started Googling gyms near me, checked out several in the area, read reviews and after exchanging a few emails with Erik, I decided to go to Iron Fit Circuit Training for my 3 day trial. I had never really used barbells and heavier weights before so I was a little intimidated. I kept telling Erik that my arms were very weak from a shoulder injury years ago and that I was worried about being able to keep up. He assured me that everyone worked at their own level and that we could build up strength in my arms and modify exercises as needed. My first couple weeks I was sore but I was also proud of myself for sticking with it. Erik made sure that I was using correct form and knew when to push me to add a little more weight or do one more rep. I like how the classes are structured at Iron Fit; they are balanced between weight lifting and conditioning/cardio.

Erik focuses on good reps with challenging but safe weight – not just how fast and how heavy you can go without regard to form. In my first few months at Iron Fit, I lost a little weight and gained some strength but I still felt like I was missing something. I joined the 12 Week Transformation Challenge in January 2016 to get my nutrition to match up with the work I was putting in at Iron Fit. I had not realized that my eating habits had gotten so bad and that was what was holding me back from reaching my goals. With Erik’s guidance and support, I reached my weight loss goal, losing 25lbs and 24 inches overall in 12 weeks. With encouragement from Erik to add in additional cardio, I also started running and I ran my first 5K/mud run this past weekend.

I plan to do more 5Ks and work my way up to at least a 10K. I am the leanest I have ever been with muscle definition in my once weak arms and even in my abs. I can run 4-5 miles consecutively, without stopping at a decent pace which might not seem like a huge deal to some, but I was never able to do that before Iron Fit. I look forward to working out every day and the only time I ever skip the gym now is when I am out of town (and even then, Erik gives me workouts to do while I am gone). Finding Iron Fit is one of the best things that happened to me since we moved to Texas. Erik has created an environment at Iron Fit where everyone supports each other and pushes one another to improve. I have made wonderful friends while getting in the best shape of my life. Iron Fit has not only gotten me in shape physically but it has helped me mentally and emotionally adjust to living 1500 miles from my family and friends.

For me, Iron Fit is more than just a gym or place to work out, it has truly been an amazing life changing experience. I will never be able to say thank you enough to Erik for all that he has done to help me and I look forward to continuing to get stronger and achieve my goals with my Iron Fit family.


At 57 yrs. old and almost 300 lbs, I thought my best fitness days were well behind me.

I had always been in decent shape. A multi-sport letterman in college, I played competitive volleyball until my mid-40’s, worked out with weights, and never really thought too much about my diet. About 10 years ago I ripped both rotator cuffs – within 1.5 years of each other – and transitioned from a very active to a sedentary lifestyle. As the years progressed, I found myself taking medication to control high blood pressure and cholesterol, had no energy, and often wondered how the heck I ended up ‘like this’.

I was the poster child for metabolic syndrome, on a direct collision course with a heart attack or stroke.

One Saturday morning last year I was looking for a place to eat (go figure) and noticed a lot of cars parked next to a restaurant. The restaurant was out of business, but I heard music and enthusiastic voices. I walked around the corner to see what all the commotion was about, and that was my 1st introduction to a family of sweating, smiling, friendly Iron Fitters and Erik Guerra. I spoke with them, got information (for my wife!), and headed home to give her the exciting news.

She joined, and completely changed her body. She kept encouraging me to give it a shot, but I used every excuse known to mankind, and some new ones! Finally, this past January, I made a commitment to myself that I would use the 3-day trial pass and go with her to workout. My number 1 goal: don’t re-injure a shoulder! I started going once a week, then twice, then 3 times- I think it took me 6 weeks to get up to 4-5 times a week.

I think this is a very important point. Iron Fitters are not in direct competition with each other. I was obese, and working out next to encouraging people in fantastic shape. And, I never felt unwelcome, or self-conscious- just part of the team! That’s the Erik Guerra Secret Sauce!

Fast forward 10 months.

I have lost 70 lbs. take no medication, went from a tight 44 to a comfortable 36 pant, and I am in the best overall shape I have been in since my early 20’s. I have energy, stamina, strength, and belong to a family of like-minded Iron Fitter’s that truly care and excitedly cheer through every struggle, plateau, and goal achieved. We follow Erik’s awesome guidance, add our effort, sprinkle in lots of fun, throw in a challenge for those that may be interested, keep in touch daily through our workouts and social media, and before you know it you are buying new clothes, feeling great, and helping the next new Iron Fitter meet their goals.

Thanks for saving my life, Erik Guerra and the Iron Fit Family!