I had been working out on my own for 12 years, thought I was eating OK, and was resigned that my body was ‘stuck’, and would never change that much.

Wow, was I wrong! My husband and I had recently moved to Stone Oak, and he accidentally stumbled upon an Iron Fit class just finishing up. He noticed the smiles and sweat, family-like atmosphere and was introduced to Erik by the class. We came back later in the day, and Erik patiently answered all of our questions and invited me to try Iron Fit Circuit Training for 3 days. Erik worked with me, and suggested alternate exercises as my body adjusted to the Iron Fit training and intensity.

I had a spinal fusion 4 years earlier, and Erik was knowledgeable, understanding and 100% supportive as I began my Iron Fit journey. I only thought I had been working out before! After 10 weeks and noticeable improvements in all areas, I entered the 12 Week Challenge. Erik was with us every step of the way, to include nutrition.

I didn’t know what I might accomplish in only 12 weeks, but I knew I trusted Erik, his methods, and my new Iron Fit family. As you can see from the results, my body was not ‘stuck’ – I just didn’t have the trainer, knowledge, or trust that it took to transform myself into a stronger, leaner, more energetic version. The results were amazing – I lost 30 pounds in 12 weeks – but the knowledge and confidence I gained from Erik and Iron Fit will last a lifetime. Thank you, Erik!

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