In 2006, I lost a son, Josh (drunk driver took his life); he was only 16 years old. The pain of losing Josh drove me into a very deep, but well hidden, depression. Before losing Josh, I was very healthy, extremely physical, and truly enjoyed MMA as my form of “exercise.” After losing Josh, I became a “workaholic” and stopped any/all physical activity; food became a comfort for me. I was outwardly being very strong — “going on in life,” but inwardly, I wanted to give up! Over the next few years, I had gained more than 100 lbs.! After going through a very hard and difficult grieving process, I looked in the mirror and was truly ashamed of what I allowed for myself; I made a decision that it was time to get “back in shape” – both mentally and physically (so, the journey began).

In late 2014, I made a commitment to myself–it was time for a positive change! I initially hired a personal trainer. I was so embarrassed to exercise in front of anyone (including my trainer), but I wasn’t about to “back out.” Over the next 6 months, working with my trainer, I lost more than 40 lbs and started to feel energetic and happy again — this was awesome! Then, in May 2015, I was transferred to San Antonio for my job. Initially, I was super excited for the move, but after moving, that internal depression began to seep back in — now, for the first time in more than 25 years, I am an “empty nester” — my son decided to stay behind for his job (he was 19 yo, but he is still my “baby”). So, once again, food became my comfort and the weight immediately started to return. We finally found a new home and began to get settled in October 2015. I reminded myself how great it was to lose the weight and gain that energy and confidence….., so I went out seeking a gym! I saw a FB ad for Iron Fit, so I decided to give it a try.

Day one at Iron Fit: I was greeted by owner and trainer, Erik Guerra. Erik explained the routine/structure and asked if I wanted to try it for a few days. I, again, was super embarrassed to work out in front of people because of my excessive weight, but I participated anyhow. I’m soooooo glad I didn’t “talk myself out of” working out at IronFit that day — the experience was awesome — the endorphins kicked in and I was feeling great! Erik was very encouraging and ensured that my technique/form was correct — preventing those injuries. Throughout the one hour class, other Iron Fit members would approach me with words of encouragement — made me feel at ease, forgetting how “embarrassed” I was! I was immediately hooked! Now, I attend 4 – 5 sessions each week and I am feeling great! So far, I have lost ~ 35 lbs. and 28 inches. I feel stronger, healthier and happier! Each time I go to Iron Fit, I leave feeling accomplished. I am always amazed and impressed by the Iron Fit team members/community– everyone is truly so supportive and motivating, and Erik is such a dedicated and devoted trainer! I feel so blessed and honored to be a part of this team and I now believe that I will always have a place of refuge — away from the “internal depression!”

My journey is not complete, but it has definitely progressed, and will continue to progress, in a positive and healthy direction!
A special thanks to Erik Guerra for your “listening ear,” nutritional and exercise guidance, pushing me to my highest ability, and encouraging me to “Never Give Up” — your dedication and devotion is so appreciated — you are awesome!

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