Jerry G

My name is Jerry Gonzalez and I’m 60 years old. I started running about 6 years ago and trained for the 2015 San Antonio Rock and Roll Marathon. I was hooked on running and became a Marathon Maniac by completing 3 marathons in 90 days; all within one year of starting my running career! I was so enthused with this new “hobby” that I took up trail running and eventually trained and completed a 50 mile trail run in 13 hours.

I found a few local running groups while I was training for races and made a lot of new friends. We would have social runs about twice a week and would normally eat and drink afterwards. This tended to make me gain weight but I would eventually lose it training for longer races. However, this “yoyo” effect was obviously not meeting my goals of losing weight and looking fit. I was also “rewarding” myself too much after finishing races with post-race adult beverages and high carb foods.

So, while I was improving my running performance, I was still discouraged by my overall fitness. And, what I mean by fitness is how my body looked. While I was still putting in long training miles, I still wasn’t reducing my body fat percentage. I know that you must exercise and have a proper nutrition plan. But, I just wasn’t getting the nutrition right. Before I started working out with Erik at Iron Fit Circuit Training, I was not satisfied with my body fat percentage and body strength. For all the running I did, I still didn’t have that lean look I was looking for. Yes, I wanted to lose weight but I also wanted to be stronger, look stronger and feel stronger.

So, I decided to reallocate my training time to training with Iron Fit. I began by participating in his Iron Fit Transformation challenge on Jan 11, 2016 for a duration of 12 weeks. Starting with the initial weight of 188 pounds, I started his program of high intensity interval training and clean eating. We were shown how to eat better and to track our nutrients with tools like MyFitnessPal and Lose It. We weighed in every week to monitor our progress leading up to the final weigh in. Erik took before and after photos and the results were astounding! I lost 25 pounds that represented a 13% weight loss in that 12 week period. In addition to losing the pounds, my waist was 3 inches smaller and I have a total percentage of 15% body fat.

During this 12 week period, I was still running some 5k races, a 10k and a 10 miler. As I was getting stronger and losing weight, my race results were greatly improving! One way of running faster is to lose weight and I was definitely taking advantage of that What I enjoy most about Iron Fit is their commitment to provide a very balanced, well-rounded, and efficient program that not only produces amazing results, but is safe! As a runner, injury prevention is very important and I know Iron Fit makes it a priority in their program.

The Iron Fit Program and methods used produces Fat Loss results faster than any other workout program or gym I have ever tried. You won’t find much repetition in their workouts, so your body is constantly challenged. I burn more fat calories in one of their sessions than in a comparable effort doing a run.

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