Lisa A

In May 2015, my husband and I moved from Pittsburgh, PA to San Antonio, TX. It was a tough move on me because I’d lived in Pittsburgh my entire life and moving meant leaving behind all of my family and friends. In Pittsburgh, I was active playing soccer on a few teams and going to TRX and kettlebell classes at my local gym however, in October 2014, I had suffered a severe concussion playing soccer. I was limited on exercise for 4 months while I recovered.

During that time we learned that we would be moving to San Antonio – I was out of shape already from not being able to exercise and I was stressed/emotional over the big move. My last few months in Pittsburgh were filled with going out to eat and drink with family/friends and eating fast food or take out as we packed all of our belongings. When we arrived in San Antonio, we didn’t know anyone so we spent a lot of time going out to eat and trying out all the new restaurants around us (Texas has amazing food!). I was out of shape and unhappy and I knew that I needed to find a gym and get myself back in shape both for my physical and mental health.

I started Googling gyms near me, checked out several in the area, read reviews and after exchanging a few emails with Erik, I decided to go to Iron Fit Circuit Training for my 3 day trial. I had never really used barbells and heavier weights before so I was a little intimidated. I kept telling Erik that my arms were very weak from a shoulder injury years ago and that I was worried about being able to keep up. He assured me that everyone worked at their own level and that we could build up strength in my arms and modify exercises as needed. My first couple weeks I was sore but I was also proud of myself for sticking with it. Erik made sure that I was using correct form and knew when to push me to add a little more weight or do one more rep. I like how the classes are structured at Iron Fit; they are balanced between weight lifting and conditioning/cardio.

Erik focuses on good reps with challenging but safe weight – not just how fast and how heavy you can go without regard to form. In my first few months at Iron Fit, I lost a little weight and gained some strength but I still felt like I was missing something. I joined the 12 Week Transformation Challenge in January 2016 to get my nutrition to match up with the work I was putting in at Iron Fit. I had not realized that my eating habits had gotten so bad and that was what was holding me back from reaching my goals. With Erik’s guidance and support, I reached my weight loss goal, losing 25lbs and 24 inches overall in 12 weeks. With encouragement from Erik to add in additional cardio, I also started running and I ran my first 5K/mud run this past weekend.

I plan to do more 5Ks and work my way up to at least a 10K. I am the leanest I have ever been with muscle definition in my once weak arms and even in my abs. I can run 4-5 miles consecutively, without stopping at a decent pace which might not seem like a huge deal to some, but I was never able to do that before Iron Fit. I look forward to working out every day and the only time I ever skip the gym now is when I am out of town (and even then, Erik gives me workouts to do while I am gone). Finding Iron Fit is one of the best things that happened to me since we moved to Texas. Erik has created an environment at Iron Fit where everyone supports each other and pushes one another to improve. I have made wonderful friends while getting in the best shape of my life. Iron Fit has not only gotten me in shape physically but it has helped me mentally and emotionally adjust to living 1500 miles from my family and friends.

For me, Iron Fit is more than just a gym or place to work out, it has truly been an amazing life changing experience. I will never be able to say thank you enough to Erik for all that he has done to help me and I look forward to continuing to get stronger and achieve my goals with my Iron Fit family.

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