I was inspired and encouraged to join Iron Fit by my wife, Mona. I had become the classic couch potato since I stopped playing team sports. I would occasionally train for a half or full marathon and quickly return to the couch after the event. My health had deteriorated to the point where my wellness checkup results showed that I was pre-diabetic with high cholesterol. As a result of 23 years of relative inactivity and weight gain I was dealing with neck, hip, and back pain which was intolerable.

I tried other gyms, but would quickly lose interest and motivation to train because I wasn’t seeing any results. I joined Iron Fit at the beginning of August and saw results in the first month. The results were a result of Erik’s intense and targeted workouts. Erik ensures his clients use proper weight lifting form at all times. Erik corrects improper form and provides continuous encouragement, as do the Iron Fit family members he has fostered. I participated in Iron Fit’s 12 Week Transformation Challenge from August 29 – November 18 and followed Erik’s dietary recommendations and lost 35 lbs. during the transformation challenge. My fitness, health, and eating habits have significantly improved. I no longer have neck, hip, and lower back pain and I no longer crave junk food late at night. Now, I reach for water bottles instead of a soda.

The results I have obtained are solely due to Iron Fit’s workout schedule and Erik’s nutritional recommendations and daily encouragement from the Iron Fit family. Thank you Erik for the encouragement and dedication you have for us to continuously improve our fitness, strength and nutritional habits.

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