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    “I ended up losing 12 lbs. in 12 weeks”

    My name is Courtney, I am a 27 year old RN. I came across Iron Fit a few times on Facebook back in the summer of 2014. I was a standard gym girl at Gold’s Gym, would go a few times, so about 30min to an hour and do random things. I even did Krav Maga and outdoor boot camps while in nursing school so when I went to a standard gym, it was just boring. I always loved to be active and fit. But I loved to eat junk food and party with friends also. Well, the day of my 26th birthday in October 2014, I got home from work expecting several phone calls from family. Instead, I got the most heartbreaking phone call of my life from my mother. One of my younger brothers had died in a very horrific way. I was heartbroken. I finally decided to email Erik at the end of that month. …