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    “I have lost ~ 35 lbs. and 28 inches”

    In 2006, I lost a son, Josh (drunk driver took his life); he was only 16 years old. The pain of losing Josh drove me into a very deep, but well hidden, depression. Before losing Josh, I was very healthy, extremely physical, and truly enjoyed MMA as my form of “exercise.” After losing Josh, I became a “workaholic” and stopped any/all physical activity; food became a comfort for me. I was outwardly being very strong — “going on in life,” but inwardly, I wanted to give up! Over the next few years, I had gained more than 100 lbs.! After going through a very hard and difficult grieving process, I looked in the mirror and was truly ashamed of what I allowed for myself; I made a decision that it was time to get “back in shape” – both mentally and physically (so, the journey began). …