Boxing For Kids

There are a number of people that are concerned about schooling their child in boxing, kickboxing or martial arts, fearing it will make them more aggressive and turn them into a bully. However, boxing for kids can actually help them become more disciplined. There are many different moves that are necessary to do well. These require discipline and dedication to learn. It’s not a free for all, but a precision sport that requires close attention to the mechanics. The discipline and self-confidence actually does the opposite.

Your child will develop a healthier body when they have plenty of exercise, which boxing provides.

Boxing not only helps build strength, it helps improve flexibility, balance and endurance. Today, too many kids only get virtual exercise, seldom moving from the chair while playing video games. There’s an epidemic of obesity in America today and part of the reason is lack of exercise. Boxing builds strength and that helps bone growth. It helps build muscles and normalize body weight. Your child will be healthier, since exercising boosts the immune system.

Boxing can help children have more self esteem.

Knowing how to defend yourself and being stronger, reduces the potential of bullying. It’s not because children who know how to box intimidate others, but rather, they don’t present themselves as victims. Boxing provides good health and a strong body and that can lead to confidence. That confidence deters bullies who normally only choose easy targets. It improves a child’s posture, also improving their sense of presence an appearance of confidence. That can also improve their confidence directly.

Boxing can be a great pastime for kids that provides a lifetime of healthy living.

Getting your kids started out right with a healthy lifestyle, not only helps them as children but throughout their lifetime. Boxing provides the incentive to have an lifetime of activity, whether it’s using the direct skills to box or the fitness to go into other types of physical activity. It’s a healthy outlet that can direct your child to a more active lifestyle forever.

– Boxing can help burn off stress. Kids do have stress. If you remember being young at all, you’ll also remember some of the things that don’t bother you now but bothered you then. Boxing burns off the hormones of stress and help make your body healthier.

– Boxing provides a social outlet where your child can make a wide variety of new friends.

– Boxing is far safer than many other sports children play today, but only if they have the right training.

– Boxing provides continuous action, unlike many other sports. It helps build endurance.

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