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Working out can be come boring, that’s when you look to other types of exercise. You can break up the monotony of your workout or change it completely by adding boxing in Stamford CT. Working out doesn’t have to be a bore or a chore and when you train toward a goal, which isn’t associated with a specific fitness level, but associated with the skill of a sport, it takes all the focus away from the routine and makes it far more enjoyable.

Fitness boxing is good for all muscle groups and all types of fitness.

You’ll be working all parts of your body when you box for fitness. You’ll also be getting all types of fitness training. You’ll build strength, endurance and flexibility. In fact, you’ll even work on improving your balance. No matter what your age, boxing for fitness can help you reach your goal faster and is fun to do. You’ll be focusing more on the moves and not notice the time. Before you know it, the session will be over and it will be time to go.

Boxing not only gives the body a workout, it boosts your thinking power too.

When you’re boxing, your focus tends to be on form, your opponents actions and your next move. That keeps your mind active. However, just getting the aerobic workout helps improve brain functioning. Eye-hand coordination also improves. You’ll be changing your stance frequently and that can help build better balance, another skill many exercises omit. It clears your mind by burning off the hormones created by stress and sends oxygen rich blood to the brain. You’ll feel more focused when you’re done working out.

Boxing burns calories.

It does more than just burn calories, it builds muscle tissue too. The more muscle you have, the more calories you’ll burn 24/7, effectively boosting your metabolism. It combines the strength training and cardio to achieve both effectively, which literally burns off fat quickly, while toning and firming muscle tissue. Even though many men who box have big muscles, women don’t have to worry about bulking up. They’ll build more sinewy muscle tissue.

– Even older individuals can do this type of training. The workouts will vary based on the individual’s fitness level.

– Boxing is a sure cure for a day of stress. The vigorous workout burns off the hormones created by stress and replaces them with ones that make you feel good.

– You don’t have to duke it out with a partner when you box. Shadow boxing, battling the bag and kicking gives you just as much of a workout as boxing with a partner in the ring.

– Boxing is super heart healthy. Beside making you look fantastic, you’ll feel fantastic and get healthier in the process.

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