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Stamford yoga could be the perfect way to start your day. Yoga not only helps your body, it’s also good for the mind and spirit. There are all types of yoga classes with different levels of difficulty. Some forms do more than just calm the mind, they work the body, too. Even the yoga classes that don’t burn as many calories as traditional workouts still provide weight loss benefits by making the participant more mentally connected to the body and aware of the choices they make when it comes to food. Those easier forms of yoga are a great way for beginners to start a workout program, combining it later with other invigorating workouts.

Yoga builds muscle tissue and tones the body.

Those long poses may look easy, but unless you’ve tried them, you won’t understand how tough they can be. You’ll build your core muscles with yoga, as well as tone the muscles throughout the body. Yoga is proof positive that you don’t have to break a sweat to shed extra pounds and tone your muscles. It helps work on other types of fitness too, such as building flexibility and strength. That helps protect you from injury. Yoga also improves your endurance and balance.

Yoga helps relieve stress and renews your spirit.

The calming effect of yoga can erase the horrors of the day and renew you. It’s been proven to be a good stress buster, too. Stress creates hormones such as cortisol, which have been associated with the accumulation of abdominal fat. Not only does yoga help burn off stress hormones, it helps give you tools to learn to prevent stressing yourself throughout the day. People who participate in yoga on a regular basis say it helps them to face the challenges of the day without the feeling of stress they used to have.

Yoga helps improve your mind.

Just like all forms of exercise, yoga helps improve cognitive functioning by stimulating the brain to create new neural pathways. It also helps clear the brain fog that comes when you’re tense and stressed. The simple act of learning how to relax your body and mind, focusing instead on your breathing or movements can help you arrive to a peaceful place where you function better.

Many people use yoga as part of their fitness program, balancing it with other training that provides a more vigorous workout, such as weight lifting, aerobics or even boxing.

Yoga can help boost your energy level and even improve athletic performance in other areas.

Yoga is good to aid in controlling chronic pain. It helps with arthritis, headaches and lower back pain, to name a few.

Yoga not only lowers blood pressure, it also helps you sleep better at night and could be a good alternative to medication for insomniacs.

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