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Starting an exercise program can be the start of a fitness program, but getting your healthiest, losing weight and building muscle tissue also requires that you have the proper nutrients to get the maximum results. For the second part of the puzzle, a nutritionist in Stamford CT can help, or you can work with a personal trainer who provides both help with your workout program and a healthy diet. Personal trainers sometimes have the credentials to help you achieve a healthy diet.

Trainers and nutritionists won’t give you a diet.

While both may offer samples of what a healthy diet should look like, both trainers and nutritionists normally teach you how to make smarter choices when it comes to food. The training teaches you how to make substitutions that provide more nutrients and fewer calories, such as substituting brown rice for white rice. Learning to eat foods closer to whole, their natural state, is also important. Except for a few examples, such as cooked tomatoes having more lycopene (but less vitamin C) than fresh ones, raw foods tend to be more nutritious.

A nutritionist or personal trainer with a background in nutrition can help you change the way you cook.

While raw food is best, it’s not always compatible with all types of foods or the desire of the person eating those foods. Learning to steam, boil, grill or bake foods rather than frying is the best way to cook food and keep the calorie count lower, while also making it healthier. Frying foods add unhealthy fat to the diet that not only adds pounds, can play havoc with health.

Eating healthier doesn’t necessarily mean giving up all the foods you love.

After eating healthier for a few months, most people find they love the new way of eating and never feel deprived. It doesn’t mean you have to give up every food you like, just eat it less frequently and in smaller portions. Rather than eating a bowl or two of ice cream every night, having a small bowl on special occasions or even once a week is still possible. A trainer can help you learn how to fit your favorite foods into your healthy eating regimen.

– When you combine healthy eating with exercise, you’ll burn calories faster. Healthy eating lowers your caloric intake and exercise increases the output. That burns fat fast.

– Healthy eating provides nutrients to protect the cells and keep you looking and feeling younger.

– Healthy eating can play an important role in building muscle tissue, while also burning fat.

– Once you learn how to eat healthy, you can eat anywhere with the confidence of knowing that you’re helping your body with good nutrition. You don’t have to be fussy when eating at other people’s homes or going out to eat. There’s always something on the menu.

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