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Do you want to get fit fast, shed pounds and burn off the stress of the day…while having loads of fun? It sounds almost too good to be true, but that’s what Stamford boxing classes can do. Boxing is a great way to get fit fast, while enjoying every minute of the workout. It’s not just for men either. Women find that boxing not only helps burn body fat and build muscle tissue, it also gives a feeling of empowerment. Many of today’s female celebrities are boxing to help maintain their shapely figures. Khloe Kardashian boxed her way to a slimmer body, using it as the primary part of her fitness program.

Boxing provides training for all types of fitness.

Boxing is a great way to build endurance. It increases the heart rate and provides both hard hitting exercise and moments of rest, much like high intensity interval training. High intensity interval training is one of the most efficient methods of exercise to build endurance and heart health. It builds flexibility, balance and strength in the process too. Boxing has a multitude of different movements that help your body work in synergy while building strength and power.

Boxing provides a whole body workout.

Whether you’re practicing a move, punching a bag or actually in the ring with an opponent, you’ll be working every muscle in your body. There’s no boring sets of exercises, but constant movement both fast and slow that will get your body into shape fast. Boxing is perfect for strengthening core muscles. A boxing stance is lower and requires good abs to achieve a low center of gravity. In fact, the power in the punch comes directly from the abs. If you want a flat stomach, boxing is one way to achieve it.

Burn those calories, while throwing a punch.

If you want quick results, look no further. Boxing burns calories fast. It not only helps burn fat in a very important area, around the middle and on the stomach. That’s an area where fat is hard to get rid of and also one where eliminating fat makes a huge difference, not only to your looks, but overall health. Best of all, you’ll have fun boxing and while you’ll notice you’re sweating AND tired, never feel bored. You’ll look forward to the next workout, keeping you on track to achieve your weight loss goal.

It’s not hard to imagine how boxing can help with stress. The invigorating feeling of punching a bag and picturing your day’s frustrations at the receiving end, can wipe out all animosity and set the world right again.

Boxing tones muscles. You won’t leave the gym looking like the Incredible Hulk, but instead build lean attractive muscles.

It builds confidence while it builds strength and even helps lift depression.

Boxing helps sharpen the mind. Boxing is more than just physical, it’s a mental sport too. You have to be able to predict your opponents next move and plan your counter to it. You’re mentally on the offensive and defensive at the same time.

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