Creating A Healthy Home

I know that creating a healthy home is a top priority for many of my clients in Oceanside, CA. They want to build a healthy lifestyle to enjoy more years with their family and also help their family live healthier by encouraging the same and living in an environment that’s devoid of health hazards. There are a lot of things you can do to make your home a healthier place to live. It starts with how you clean.

Ditch the toxic chemicals and go natural.

You don’t have to use chemicals to have a clean home. In fact, your ancestors probably had a home as clean as yours without any. Best of all, using natural products can save tons of money. Distilled—white—vinegar is one of the best bathroom and kitchen cleaners available. It takes off soap scum quickly. Just spray it on liberally and wait, then wipe it off. If you have some tough areas, no problem. Baking soda makes a great soft scrub and is also inexpensive. Pour vinegar in the toilet, allow it to work and then brush away the loosened buildup. Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda remove sink stains and Borax is good for mold and stains, too.

Cut out the pesticides.

Lots of insects can be eliminated by sprinkling food grade diatomaceous earth and letting it set overnight. Be aware, it’s hard to sweep up, so when put on darker cloth, it will take multiple attempts to sweep it to get it out, so avoid it in on that furniture. There are two types, only use the food grade type. There’s also the pure white one and the brown diatomaceous earth that’s mixed with Bentonite clay. The white works best. If you’re fighting fleas, it will take lots of vacuuming and sprinkling for six weeks, because it doesn’t kill the eggs. Use it in the garden, too. It has microscopic shards of shell that cuts the hard outer body of insects, so they dehydrate. It’s good for bedbugs, and roaches. For roaches, Borax mixed with sugar also works.

Sweep and dust frequently.

Dust collects and causes allergies to act up. It also can contain the chemicals and harmful toxins from everything around you. Rather than moving the dust around with a duster, vacuum it up and change the bag often. If you have an option to choose wood, tile, cork or non-vinyl linoleum floors over carpeting, do it. It’s easier to keep dust free than carpeting that requires a lot more elbow grease to get rid of dust. Don’t forget to change the vacuum bag frequently.

  • If you smoke, take it outside. Not only will your walls stay cleaner, the air in your house will be cleaner too. While studies still don’t clearly identify second hand smoke as a health culprit, some point to it. Why take chances with your family’s health. Even better, if you smoke, quit.
  • Get the home tested for radon, lead based paint and if there are any signs of mold, have that checked immediately.
  • Encourage your family to wash hands frequently, but ditch the hand sanitizer and antibacterial soap. There are studies that show it actually may make immune systems weaker and may be linked to antibiotic resistant bacteria.
  • Stick with organic when eating the dirty dozen fruits and veggies. The non-organic type have the highest amount of pesticide concentration. They include strawberries, spinach, nectarines, apples, grapes, peaches, cherries, pears, tomatoes, celery, potatoes and sweet bell peppers.

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