Exercise Is Good For Your Sex Life

If you’re in a relationship and decided to start a program of regular exercise, why not bring your life partner with you. Exercise is good for your sex life, so you probably want to include them, too! It all starts with helping your overall health and making you feel good. It can help lower blood pressure, boost your energy level and give you an overall good feeling, which plays a role in how active you are when it comes to sex.

Exercise acts like a natural Viagra for men.

Studies show that men who exercise regularly have a lower risk for erectile dysfunction. Other studies have highlighted how increasing exercise could also boost not only improved function, but also frequency and overall satisfaction. The study lasted nine months and included normally sedentary middle-aged men. After nine months of vigorous exercise, the results showed that the more improvement in their fitness, the more stunning the results in the bedroom.

Women also receive benefits in the bedroom.

A number of studies showed that increased physical activity also increased sexual arousal, satisfaction and desire in normally sedentary women. A University of Texas at Austin study showed that exercising not only increased the sex drive in pre-menopausal women, it actually helped those who were taking antidepressants that can lower sex drives. Just as with men, the increased circulation that comes with exercising, is part of the reason for this to occur.

You’ll look better and feel better about yourself, which also increases your desire in the bedroom.

Looking good plays a huge role in your desirability, but it also plays a role in your desire. Exercising makes changes to your body that make you feel sexier. When you feel good about yourself and how you look, it’s only natural for that good feeling to transfer to the bedroom. A study shows that just starting a program of regular exercise can boost your self-image, so image how much better you’ll feel about yourself as you see the results.

  • Exercising can boost testosterone levels in both men and women. That also boosts the sex drive of both men and women.
  • You’ll perform better in bed when you workout. Whether you’re a man or woman, regular exercise not only boosts your arousal level, it can keep you from tiring quicker and that helps maintain focus on the activity.
  • Exercise helps burn off the hormones from stress. There’s nothing that’s more of a mood killer than the stresses of the day. When you workout regularly, you’ll burn off those stress hormones and are able to relax and enjoy the moment.
  • A real mood killer is stiff joints and painful movements. Exercise helps build flexibility to avoid that stiffness and pain.

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