Best Foods For Gut Health

We focus on fitness at Iron Fit in San Antonio, Texas. Studies show working out can help increase healthy bacteria that aids digestion. However, if you’re eating the same sugar laden diet that’s common for many Americans, you won’t get the relief you need. You need to focus on consuming foods for gut health and avoiding those that exacerbate an already compromised gut. If antacids are your go to after meal snack, change your diet to get relief.

Probiotics help maintain beneficial microbes.

The road to a healthy gut starts with healthy, beneficial bacteria. They keep harmful ones at bay and make your gut and body healthier. There are two types of fiber, both are good for digestion, but to heal your gut, opt for ones that contain soluble fiber which are considered prebiotics. Soluble fiber is the food of choice for these bacteria, increasing food with soluble fiber increases the beneficial microbes, which help heal your gut. These include legumes, like beans and split peas. Berries, broccoli, apples, oats, pears and other fruits and vegetables are also high in soluble fiber.

Increase the number of healthy bacteria by eating probiotic foods.

Fermented foods are probiotic and immediately help improve your gut with beneficial bacteria. Beneficial bacteria not only help the gut, it can aid in controlling blood sugar levels, heart health and getting rid of mutated and damaged cells that cause disease. When you consider that there are more microbes in your body than human cells, you can see why increasing the beneficial ones is important. Opt for foods like kifir, yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut and kombucha

Your gut needs collagen.

Collagen is a protein that heals all parts of your body, which includes the gut. In fact, a third of all protein in the body is collagen. It helps regulate stomach acid and prevents excess that can cause heartburn and other problems. The primary amino acids in collagen, glycine and proline, may help heal the stomach lining and ulcers. It attracts water and acid, which helps digestion. It can also help repair the intestines and stomach lining if there’s damage from inflammation. Collagen is important for healing leaky gut and IBS. Consuming bone broth can act like a collagen supplement. For the body to produce collagen it needs ingredients. Cabbage, asparagus, chicken skin or gelatin, combined with vitamin C foods like citrus foods and bell peppers are a start. Foods high in zinc are necessary, such as beans, cheese and nuts. Copper can come from cashews, organ meats or cocoa powder.

  • Apples also contain pectin, which feed good bacteria. It’s good for the gut, plus has the extra benefits improving acid reflux, aiding in weight loss, improve hair and skin and prevent both constipation and diarrhea.
  • An imbalance of gut bacteria can cause weight gain, so healing the gut is important. Eating healthy is the best way to not only heal the gut, but also lose weight.
  • Herbs and seasonings can help heal the gut. Garlic contains FOS and inulin that feeds good microbes. Other healthy herbs are licorice root and slippery elm.
  • What you don’t eat can help the gut, too. If your diet is heavy in sugar and processed white flour, you’ll probably have problems with your gut. Those both feed the malevolent bacteria.

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