Build A New You In Retirement

You can choose how you want to spend your retirement and new phase of life. You can sit back in the easy chair, watch TV, post and repost on social media or really make a difference in how you feel. You get to decide whether you want to continue on and accept gaining weight and feeling tired or fight back and boost your energy. You can build a new you in retirement, and even though it’s not easy, it can be fun!

You can enjoy your kids and grand kids without depending on them as your social outlet.

One of the problems of getting older is that your social circle tends to dwindle. You don’t see coworkers on a daily basis as part of your routine and often don’t get out with friends as much, since many of your friends don’t have the good health or ambition to get out and socialize. Even when your friends are available, many prefer not to leave the easy chair or their TV. You don’t have to depend on your family to be your social life is you decide to create a new you. Take a break from boredom and come to the gym. Everyone is friendly here and you’ll feel great when you leave.

Besides the social aspect, working out an getting fit after retirement has other benefits.

Sure, you won’t build muscle as quickly as you use to when you were young and might not even lose weight as fast, since you have less muscle mass, but you’ll still notice some great changes after just a few weeks and find there are other perks when you decide to create a new you. You’ll look younger, have more energy, lower your blood pressure and lift your spirit. Bone density improves, as does endurance and strength.

Any type of exercise is good for you, but a program that includes all types of fitness is best.

You have four basic types of fitness, endurance, strength, flexibility and balance. We provide a program that addresses all those types of fitness, to help you live better and more pain free. If you have limiting conditions, you’ll have a modified program that addresses that problem. You’ll find the variety of exercises and equipment will keep you interested and even excited to workout. I know many people who first use kettlebells, love not only their challenge, but also the fact they provide a whole body workout and address several types o fitness at once.

  • You really can turn back the hands of time when you workout regularly. Exercise lengthens the telomeres, which protects the chromosomes and keeps you younger on a cellular level.
  • Never give up. Life is always filled with surprises, some are good and some more challenging. As long as you keep striving to be a bit better every day, you’ll be amazed at how much you’ll accomplish. Make living healthy and doing something to make you healthier every day a goal.
  • While working out is important, so is healthy eating. Take up the challenge to change your menu to more whole foods and ones that are good for you. If you hate cooking, making new types of salads is great!
  • Don’t worry if you aren’t sure where to start. You can begin by taking a walk or even coming into Iron Fit where a personal trainer will create a program designed especially for your level of fitness, special needs and goals.

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