Build Muscle Without A Gym

I respect all people who start an exercise program, whether they go to a gym or not! Some people find it easier to workout at home and some are so strapped for funds even a small out of pocket expense is budget breaking. Yes, you can build muscle without a gym and in many cases, without any gym equipment, although are some pieces of at home equipment I do like that aren’t super expensive.

Start pressing iron.

Having a couple of dumbbells is affordable, but even more affordable are resistance bands. These also tuck away in a drawer easily and don’t take up much room. If even the cost of resistance bands is too much or you want to start right away, use milk jugs or plastic laundry detergent containers filled with sand or water as an alternative. While the cost of resistance bands is under $20, these plastic bottles are free! Adjust the amount of water to increase or decrease the amount of weight.

Body weight exercises are tops for strength building.

Here’s another way to build strength that doesn’t take up space and saves money. Bodyweight exercises have been used for centuries to prepare military or build strength. Push ups, chair push ups, chin ups and pistol squats are great for strength building. There are hundreds of different bodyweight exercises that can increase your strength. Strength-building starts with lifting something heavy with a part of your body and if that heavy object is you, all the better. You’ll always have your equipment ready to go.

Do a workout and add some weight to it.

So your toddler is bugging you when you’re trying to workout or the cat insists on getting in your way. Make them part of the exercise! Hold them in your arms while you’re doing squats or lunges. It makes it super hard. Toddlers can hang onto your back, cats…not so much…but you get the idea. You’d be amazed at how much mothers of toddlers can lift, just by being mothers and carrying the children. Everything is a weight around the house. Choose a size you can tackle. If you’re just starting out, soup cans can be held while working out. The more fit you are, the heavier your load can be.

  • If you already belong to a gym, but travel, resistance bands can be a great friend on the road. Check with your personal trainer for a couple of workouts to have ready.
  • Running out of time, too. Get a twofer. Put some elbow grease into daily tasks. Carry a little heavier load than normal or more bags from the grocery to your car—without using a cart!
  • Keep yourself accountable with a workout buddy. You’ll build more muscle tissue if you workout! Keeping on pace and with the program is important. That’s why working out with a friend can help you do it.
  • If you can afford your own equipment, look for items that give you a full body workout, like kettlebells. These can provide a full body workout at home.

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