Change Your Attitude Toward Fitness

There’s a lot of truth in the saying, “You are what you think.” Your mind makes the difference in your success or failure in many cases. Why? Part of the answer lies in the power of attraction. Don’t get concerned that I’m going to get out crystals and chant. It simply means that when you’re thinking about something, you’re more apt to see it everywhere. An example is seeing a car you want and suddenly, you see it everywhere. Another reason your mind controls your success is that your belief in success determines your motivation and can keep you going until you see it. If you’re struggling meeting your goals, maybe it’s time to examine your attitude toward fitness.

Do you dread workout time?

Maybe you’re approaching it wrong. Instead of thinking of every struggle and ache as something negative, think of it as one step closer to your goal. That doesn’t mean you should stick with a workout you hate. There are so many ways to boost your fitness, you should include some you like in your workout program. For instance, do three of days a week of traditional workouts and devote time in the other four to dancing or some other activity you enjoy.

Don’t get bored.

If you’re doing the same workout you’ve been doing for several years, no wonder you hate it. It’s boring and actually not as good for weight loss. That’s because your body becomes efficient in doing each movement and burns fewer calories doing them because of that efficiency. Instead of going from machine to machine as you might in some box gyms, create several different workouts, such as one using weights or one using body weight exercises. Boredom kills motivation.

Smile more when you workout and go to the zone.

Focus on each and every movement and feel it building your muscles. Smile while you workout and you’ll see that it really does make a difference in your attitude. One small study showed that smiling while you workout improved performance, but it only helped when saved for the last few minutes. It keeps you going longer. So hone in on the movements and focus in the beginning of the workout and smile through the end of it.

  • If running has always been your way to stay fit, but you hate running, don’t do it! There’s so many ways to get fit, why settle for one you hate.
  • One thing that’s always made me love working out is feeling the miracle of movement. I call it a miracle because that’s what it is. Consider how lucky you are that you are able to do the workout and it will make it go far easier.
  • Keep your goal in front of you. Knowing what you’re working toward is as important as working out. It keeps you more focused and motivated.
  • If you’re having a problem sticking with a workout or changing your attitude, come into Iron Fit. We have a great group of people and a program that will make working out far more enjoyable.

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