My name is Courtney, I am a 27 year old RN. I came across Iron Fit a few times on Facebook back in the summer of 2014. I was a standard gym girl at Gold’s Gym, would go a few times, so about 30min to an hour and do random things. I even did Krav Maga and outdoor boot camps while in nursing school so when I went to a standard gym, it was just boring. I always loved to be active and fit. But I loved to eat junk food and party with friends also. Well, the day of my 26th birthday in October 2014, I got home from work expecting several phone calls from family. Instead, I got the most heartbreaking phone call of my life from my mother. One of my younger brothers had died in a very horrific way. I was heartbroken. I finally decided to email Erik at the end of that month. I told him what had happened and that I needed something to help get me back and to ease my mind. Erik emailed me right back and was very sincere about what had happened and told me to come out. And I did. He walked everything through with me about my posture and making sure my form was good.

I finally decided to sign up. But, for almost a year of going there, my mind was still not out of that depressed stage. I was drinking so much and eating horribly to just numb what pain I was having. I treated my then boyfriend so bad due to me drinking and trying to cope. I went to the gym a few times during the week, and even would miss weeks at a time. I just didn’t have any life motivation. Erik called me out during the summer of 2015 about me not ever being there yet I was lifting more than the girls that went there on a daily basis, and that’s when I thought “well, you need to start going more if your trainer is calling you out”. And I did, I started going 2-3x a week. But, when Erik told me about a 90 day challenge that was starting January 11 2016, I felt that this, this was my opportunity. My opportunity to get back in shape, get my mind and my body right. So I did this weight loss challenge. My goal wasn’t to necessarily lose weight but to stop drinking and start a new chapter. I learned from Erik about counting my Macros, watching my calories, the difference what a home cooked meal was compared to eating junk food. The difference eating 6 small meals a day made compared to eating one maybe two large ones. And as an RN that works in the Emergency room, it’s hard to take the time to eat. I set my alarm to give myself five minutes to eat food.

Erik gave us the tools to use in this challenge. And I was going to the gym 5/6x a week. I got sick, injured my back at work, and yes, had a FEW cheat meals at times for certain special occasions but every so often. But, not a single drop of alcohol. I would even text Erik about meals or questions, he always answered back. He was determined to have not only me but everyone else get to their goals and improve on themselves. He gives you all the things you need to reach your goals, you just need to take his lead. I saw the weight coming off and the inches shredding. Several times, people commented that I was looking great, but didn’t realize it until Erik said that I was really looking fit. These Iron Fit strength workouts and cardio circuits really do transform your body! I ended up losing 12 lbs. in 12 weeks.I didn’t think it was much, until Erik posted my before and after picture and I saw how much my body changed.

It hit me how much I had transformed into an actual fit chick. I look and I feel amazing. I haven’t looked this good since I was in high school. Erik did a damn good job teaching me about nutrition. If I had used all of the things he had given me way at the beginning, and not been so set in my ways, I would’ve been where I am now a lot sooner.

Even now after our 90 day challenge has been over, I still eat the way I did during the competition. Nutrition is a huge key and Erik played the biggest role in guiding me. I still workout 5/6x a week because it’s my daily routine. It’s a habit. It’s my life. Everyone calls it a diet and a workout phase, but it’s not. It’s a lifestyle. The things he’s taught me and shown me I’m going to use for the rest of my life. I look to him for encouragement and guidance still. When I have bad days in the ER from losing a patient, even on the good days, my time at his gym, takes all of that away.

Erik is my friend and always will be and I’ll continue to go to his gym and support him in every phase of my life and still ask for help with nutrition. He never misses a class, he points out if you need correction rather than hurting yourself, and is wanting you to improve overall health and fitness, not just 1 rep maxes. Not only is he a great trainer, but the people at this gym are amazing. Their family. Their encouragement and uplifting spirits help keep everyone active and stay on track. Thank you Erik, I never get tired of you yelling, encouraging, and trying to make me a better athlete. I am a completely different, but yet so much better version of myself and it’s thanks to him. Ironfit athlete for life!

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