Fruits That Make A Sweet Dessert

If you crave something sweet after meal, it may be just habit, but there’s no need to quit eating a dessert. Fruits that make a sweet dessert can hit the spot and leave you feeling satisfied after a meal. While some areas of the country have a limited growing time, Texas has the benefit of fresh fruit almost year around, so it can be an inexpensive way to satisfy a sweet tooth.

Take advantage of seasonal fruit.

When fresh fruit is in season, it’s normally picked later in its growing cycle, at its peak, and local. The later its picked and the fresher it is, the more nutrients it has. The sweeter it is too! Spring and summer fruit includes cherries, grapes, berries, figs (which also grow in the fall), peaches, plums, nectarines and all types of melons. Fall fruit also include all types of melons, late grapes and pears. Pomegranate season is from October to December, while citrus fruit ripens from October to April. A dish of fresh fruit or mixed fruit doesn’t need anything extra. It’s sweet, delicious and healthy.

Spruce up that fresh fruit by making a sorbet.

Just cut up any combination of fresh fruit in chunks, put it in a covered plastic container and freeze it overnight. Use an ice crushing blender and blend until smooth and creamy. If I’m making enough to store in bags, I found that freezing the fresh fruit on a cookie sheet first to make sure the pieces don’t stick together, then transferring them to the bag is excellent. When you’re ready to use, just grab a handful. You can also create rich fruit ice cream with no milk or sugar by freezing a chopped banana and blending it with other frozen fruits. Bananas, grapes, jackfruit, mangosteen, papaya and persimmons are sweet fruits you can combine with others rather than sugar.

A little dark chocolate can be decadent and even good for you.

Making your own dark chocolate-dipped strawberries is simple and allows you to enjoy a bit of decadence that is rich in vitamin C, manganese and antioxidants. When you make it yourself you can select the healthiest dark chocolate option with the lowest sugar content and the highest concetration of cocoa solids. You also can control the amount of chocolate on each berry, dipping it midway up, rather than coating the whole berry to save calories. Eat just two or three, since the chocolate adds extra calories.

Keep it simple, save time and calories. A quarter cantaloupe filled with berries is a delicious filling dessert.

There’s no need to add sugar, but other healthy ingredients will do. I love celery with apples and pecans, sometimes in a dab of Greek yogurt. Fruit is naturally sweet, so creating a sugary sauce or adding sugar isn’t necessary.

Chilled citrus fruit is a treat when you peel it and remove the membranes around the flesh. It’s not that hard to do, especially for grapefruits and you can have a chilled treat ready in the refrigerator for dessert and snacks.

Create frozen fruit laden yogurt. Get healthy yogurt with no sugar added and mix with a generous portion of fruit. You can eat it immediately or freeze it for a special treat.

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