Fun Ways To Improve Your Fitness

If you’re dreading going to the gym and just hate the same old thing each time, you may be going to the wrong gym or working out on your own. There are fun ways to improve your fitness and some do involve working out at the gym. Have you ever tried working out with kettlebells or tried circuit training? There are so many programs available that can change boredom to fun.

Try different types of classes.

I love watching the people in our boot camps. There’s so much camaraderie and friendship that it’s just fun to see. People who workout at our boot camps get all the benefits of having a personal trainer, but at a fraction of the price, since everyone pays for the trainer’s time. I watch them cheer each other on to success and even challenge one another to work even harder. Many of the boot camps are outdoors, so they’re even more invigorating. People often make new friends at boot camps.

CrossFit is another extremely social workout that makes it fun.

People either love CrossFit or hate it. It’s extremely social, which makes it more fun. If you love going out dancing in a place with a crowd, you’ll probably love cross-training. Each session is different and some say it’s almost magical to get with a group and go all out in a new fitness routine each session. Just like boot camp, the more people doing it, the more energy permeates the room.

Take up a hobby or avocation that’s active.

If you love dancing, go dancing once a week or take up a dance class. Play racket ball, tennis or go for a long brisk walk. You can shoot hoops with the kids and do it on a regular basis, but keep the game going and get a good workout while you do. Whatever you enjoy doing, just do it. Make it part of your workout regimen. If you want, use your time at the gym as a way to get you into better shape for your fun avocation.

  • Unless you’re working toward a competition ready body, you don’t have to be dedicated to a workout program every time you exercise. Some of your exercise can be doing fun things. Go to the beach that has a dunes and climb the sand dunes several times or hike uneven woodsy terrain.
  • Have you ever wanted to learn self-defense? Martial arts or boxing as an avocation may be an option. I love teaching kettlebell swings and have many students who love learning them.
  • Combine household tasks with your workout program and get two things done at once. Create a list of things to do each week that involve physical exertion, like washing windows or raking. Then do them vigorously.
  • Go to the playground and workout on the equipment. It’s even better if you go with the kids and get them active or make it a couples night.

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