Good Exercise Routines For Beginners

I get a lot of people at Iron Fit in San Antonio, Texas, who are either starting a workout program after a long break from exercise or never had one. They prefer getting exercise routines for beginners designed especially for them, but there are some simple workouts or exercise routines you can do on your own if you’re not sure you’re ready to start at a gym or don’t have access to a personal trainer. Don’t put off your exercise program because you aren’t sure where to start.

Do something, it’s better than nothing, but don’t overdo.

I like to tell people to “slide” into exercise. Start by walking if you’re really out of shape. Any type of exercise is better than just sitting in a chair. Begin with a daily walk. If you’re not fit enough for a half hour walk, take three brisk ten minute walks throughout the day. You don’t have to go outside, just make a path through your home and repeat the path for ten minutes. Ride a bike if you’re able. Start making more active choices, such as using the stairs, instead of an elevator or parking further from a store. The key is to take it relatively easy at first until you start feeling stronger and more ready to tackle a workout.

Start a program that addresses all types of fitness.

You need strength, endurance, flexibility and balance to be truly fit. Therefore, you need exercises of all types in your workout. Flexibility training, or stretching, should be part of every workout. Most people use stretches as a warm up or cool down, to either warm the muscles or maximize the flexibility at the end, while muscles are warm. Endurance training can be done three times a day and can be anything from running, bike riding to doing a workout as interval training. As you get fitter, increase intensity. Start with half hour sessions and add to it if you must.

Choose some simple bodyweight exercises for strength training.

You can modify this workout based on your fitness level by doubling the number of reps or number of sets. Start with 10 squats, move to 5 push-ups followed by 10 walking lunges—5 on each leg, 5 dumbbell rows—use soup cans or water bottles, a 15-second plank and finish with 15 jumping jacks. Watch your form and always start any workout with a warm-up and follow with a cool down. Alternate strength training days with cardio days, doing flexibility training each session.

  • Change your workout to a High Intensity Interval Workout—HIIT—or just regular circuit training to combine all types of workouts, cardio, strength, flexibility and balance into one. You’ll burn more calories.
  • You don’t have to have gym equipment. A water bottle or soup can will substitute as dumbbells. A detergent or milk jug can be a kettlebell or weight. Stairs can provide cardio. Use a chair for dips or a filled backpack to add a challenge.
  • Go slowly at first and focus on form. Having the proper form is extremely important. Once you have the form down, increase your intensity and number of reps.
  • Be consistent. Do at least a half hour of exercise every day, even if you have to break it into three ten minute sessions. Schedule your workout at the same time each day.\

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