Home Gym Essential Equipment

When gyms closed due to the quarantine in San Antonio, Texas, it interrupted the progress people were making on their fitness program. While we hope there’s never another shutdown, I’ve created a list of home gym essential equipment for those days coming to the gym is impossible. I’ve tried to focus on keeping the items affordable. The first on the list is a simple jump rope. You can find them everywhere, and they cost less than $20 in most cases. Jumping rope is a great cardio workout and can be used as part of interval training.

Kettlebells are great for core strength and a total body workout.

The uneven distribution of weight of kettlebells make them good for increasing core strength, overall strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. They burn tons of calories, melting fat quickly and replacing it with lean muscle tissue. You do need a larger area to workout, free from objects that could get in the way of a swing, and also some training, which we provide. This workout equipment doesn’t take much storage space and can provide a quicker, more effective workout.

The true take everywhere type of fitness equipment is the resistance bands.

Not only are these bands super versatile, they’re also easy to take with you on vacations and extremely inexpensive. There are all types of bands, so finding the best ones for your workout is important. Some of the bands even come with an instruction booklet or DVD that shows you various exercises to use. They help you to focus on specific areas, use stabilizing muscles, are lightweight and meant for compound exercises that derive the most benefit.

Mounted pull-up bars can give you a head start.

I know some people that have their own pull-up bar at home, so they can build the strength before they try it in the gym. It’s not necessary, since nobody will judge you, but if it makes you feel better to get ready at home, that’s okay, too. Some doorway pull-up bars can be used it in the air for chin-ups or push-ups or put it on the ground for a tricep dip or push up. There are potential hazards if used improperly, so a wall-mounted pull-up bar may be a better option. There are mobile wall-mounted options available. Find the one that is best for you, making certain to check for safety and proper installation and use.

  • You can add a TRX home fit system to your list if you want to get the most out of some body exercises. You can do exercises with the TRX that you can’t do with any other type of equipment. There are some limitations and you do have to know how to use them correctly.
  • Use your own furniture. Do you hate moving furniture around to clean or rearrange it? Make that part of your workout. Not only will you have a new look to your super clean room, you’ll build strength in the process. Lift something heavy. That’s a good thing.
  • Don’t forget the old standby at the gym, the dumbbell. You use them at the gym and that makes it easier to use them at home. Prices vary, but you can get them for about $1 to $4 per pound, so a five pound dumbbell would cost between five and twenty dollars.
  • Don’t forget bodyweight exercises either. For those, make sure you have a good yoga mat for comfort or if you want to take your workout to the outside.

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