How Low Carb Diets Can Boost Brain Health

At Iron Fit in San Antonio, Texas, we not only focus on getting healthier. The health of the body affects all parts of life. It even affects brain health. There are many ways low carb diets can boost brain health. Low carbohydrate diets have been used for thousands of years to prevent epileptic seizures. In fact, fasting was used in Biblical times. In fact, there’s reference in the Bible to fasting to eliminate the demons that caused seizures.

How does fasting or a keto diet help stop seizures and affect brain health?

An imbalance of brain chemicals cause the activity of the brain to either be overly excited or inhibited. It causes an irritation of sorts. Once the activity of excitement begins, it spreads through the brain causing seizures. Today, there is medication that helps to control those seizures, but for about 30% of the people they don’t work. Today, a low carb diet is used to help those people.

Why a low carb diet works?

Low carb diets are higher in fat and have a moderate amount of protein. Carbs in the diet are turned into glucose for energy. That feeds the body. If there’s no glucose available, the liver changes fat into ketones, which are used to feed the brain. One theory why is that the ketones calm the brain, which reduces the seizures and the amount of chemicals that cause seizures.

Low carb diets do more for the brain than just help relieve seizures.

New studies show that the very changes a low carb diet makes for the brain of epileptics may also help people with Alzheimer’s disease. Brain tangles and plaque forms in Alzheimer’s, causing loss of memory. It’s often called type 3 diabetes, since the brain becomes insulin-resistant and can’t use glucose right. Several studies backed this finding. A diet very low in carbs has shown Alzheimer’s patients to have a significant improvement in memory.

  • Your brain will function better, according to studies with obese and older rats, when consuming a diet low in carbohydrates. A healthy body boosts the potential for a healthy brain.
  • Low blood sugar can lead to brain damage. That type of condition is called congenital hyperinsulinism and has successfully treated with a low carb diet. It helps prevent spikes.
  • If you suffer from migraine headaches, research shows that a ketogenic/low carb diet can help bring some relief for the problem. Always talk to your health care professional first.
  • Small studies show indication that people with Parkinson’s disease can get some improvement in the area of pain and non motor symptoms with a low carb diet.

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