How To Eat Healthy In College

There’s a wealth of studies that show people put on weight their first year of college. It can be quite an ego blow, but also bad for your health. In order to avoid it, you need to eat healthy in college. While eating healthier isn’t difficult, you have to understand what healthy eating is before you can do it. Healthy eating means avoiding sugar as much as possible. Eating food in the most natural state and free from additives. Choose ones that have a maximum of five ingredients. Stick with fruits and vegetables and choose whole grains over their bleached, processed ones. Whole grains contain all the nutrients from the bran and the germ.

Choose a meal plan and use it wisely.

Make smart choices, like heading to the salad bar first and loading up on fresh fruits and vegetables. Go for options that are grilled or steamed instead of fried. Limit desserts to once a week or opt for fresh fruit as your dessert option. Even if you can go back for seconds, it doesn’t mean you need to do it. Don’t stuff yourself. Opt for a healthy breakfast like eggs and whole wheat toast, rather than the empty calories of a sugary cereal.

When buying food look for those high in nutrition and lower in cost.

Eggs are a good start to the day and provide a lot of protein at a lower cost, so do beans. Buy the bagged dry beans or canned beans. They both store easily. Rice is a great partner with beans. Choose brown rice over white rice for the most nutrition and fewer calories. If you want a quick meal or a great snack, apples and peanut butter are high on both lists. Choose peanut butter that has only peanuts and/or salt as the ingredients and avoid those that contain sugar and additives. Avocados may contain fat, but it’s healthy fat and keeps you feeling full.

Going out to eat doesn’t mean you have to give up all fun foods.

Choose food that’s grilled, not fried. Opt for salads to go with your meal. Fill up on a salad before you dig into the pizza. Choose a veggie pizza, rather than those with processed meat. It’s lower in calories and healthier. Choose a baked potato over a fries and skip the sour cream and all the extras. Just add a pat of butter instead. Are you a taco lover? Ask for more lettuce and tomatoes and less cheese or meat.

  • Instead of slugging down soft drinks or beer, switch to plain old water. Not only does it hydrate you better, it can actually give you an energy boost and save calories. It’s also healthier for you.
  • Shop and cook as a team. If you’re on a limited budget, get the benefit of teamwork and bulk buying to help everyone save and create great meals. Create a plan to cook twice a week, assigning different members the job.
  • Buy fresh vegetables and fruit and make them serving ready. Chop celery and carrots, cut melons into bite size squares for a quick snack.
  • Make air popped or homemade microwave popcorn that’s 137 calories or less. Mix ½ cup unpopped popcorn and a tsp of oil together in a small bowl. Put in a brown paper lunch bag and fold the top. Microwave on full power for two to three minutes until the popping slows.

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