Is Running In Place A Good Workout?

There’s no doubt about it, exercise does help you look great, stay fit and be healthier, but what if you can’t get to a gym or have enough time to get changed and do a full workout? Could running in place be a good temporary fix or could it be a good substitute for a program of exercise? Just like any program of exercise, you need more than one type of exercise, so just running in place isn’t a good substitute continually for a complete program, but you can use it periodically for those days you can’t do a full workout.

You can even modify it by adjusting the height you lift your knees.

Adding jump squats and butt kicks are also ways to make it more effective. You can run in place using lunges and also swinging your arms as you run. You won’t be working the same muscles as normal running outside or on a treadmill, but you’ll still get aerobic benefits. In fact, it’s a great way to break up long periods of sitting. You need to move around every hour or so for at least five minutes to stay your healthiest, so getting up and running in place could provide that opportunity.

You’ll work different muscles than you would if you were running outside or on a treadmill.

Your stride is different when you run in place, which means you’ll be using different muscles or the same muscles in different ways. That doesn’t mean it’s not good for your cardiovascular system. It is. You can get your heart pumping and improve your circulation by just a ten-minute session. In fact, if you run in place for ten-minutes three times a day, it provides a half hour workout when you can’t workout any other way.

You’ll build different muscles by running in place, but that can be a good thing.

Since you’re constantly contracting muscles and expanding them, it gives those muscles quite a workout. It may feel tired quickly and uncomfortable to run in place very long, since you are using muscles you don’t use in normal running, which propel you forward as you put one foot in front of the other. Also, how you land on your foot is often very different from regular running. You tend to land on the balls of your feet more. It builds lower leg and ankle strength, but also jars your knees and hips.

  • Just like any type of exercise that makes you move more, running in place burns extra calories. It can be something to do when you have a few extra minutes that can increase your potential for weight loss.
  • When you’re running in place, in order to protect your leg, ankle and hip joints, make sure you do it on a softer surface. A carpet is far better for running in place than a concrete floor.
  • Always check with your health care professional first before undertaking any type of exercise. While people that have knee pain tend to improve when they run in place, it’s important to check with your physician first.
  • Get your whole body engaged when you run in place to get the most from each minute. Tuck in your tummy and squeeze as you run. Make sure your posture is good. You can even modify your run to make it a HIIT workout.

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