Low Carb Dieting 101

Trying to find the best diet to help you lose weight can be confusing. We don’t recommend dieting and believe the best option is healthy eating. However, it’s interesting to note that eating healthy can be low carb dieting. Low carb diets don’t contain processed foods or sugary products, which is part of a program of healthy eating. The information provided on a low carb diet shows the types of foods to eat on this diet and includes the positives and negatives.

Identifying foods to avoid on a low carb diet is easier than noting the ones to eat.

You normally associate dieting with a limited list of foods, but just like eating healthy, low carb diets provide lots of options. As noted before, sugar products and highly processed foods aren’t allowed on this type of diet, neither are soft drinks, artificial sweeteners, most vegetable oils and ice cream. That means it eliminates most of the low fat and diet food you find on the market. These are processed foods and often contain sugar to enhance the flavor that was lost when fat was removed. One thing that healthy eating includes that isn’t part of a low carb diet or is limited is pasta and bread.

You’ll find a lot of food that’s high in protein and/or may have fat.

How you get your calories changes when you go with a diet that’s lower in carbohydrates. Instead of getting most of your energy from carbohydrates, you get it from foods higher in fat and protein. When you eat carbohydrates, like traditional diets, your body changes those carbohydrates’ glucose to glycogen and then stores the glycogen in the liver. When the liver is at maximum storage capacity, the body converts it to fat. Cutting back on carbohydrates makes your body get fuel elsewhere and that’s body fat.

There are health benefits that come with low carbohydrate diets.

Low carbohydrate diets lower the insulin levels and reduces the risk for insulin resistance, which is a precursor to Type 2 diabetes. This type of diet also helps lower the LDL levels, the bad cholesterol, and increase the HDL or good cholesterol levels. It stabilizes blood sugar levels and triglyceride levels. They type of food consumed in a low carb diet have many health benefits. For instance, grass fed beef and butter from grass fed cows is high in Omega fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid—CLA—that makes it heart healthy.

  • You can tip your toe into a low carb diet by first giving up sugary products, processed food, bread and pasta. While it’s a healthy change, if you’re going to adopt a complete low carb diet, talk to your health care professional first.
  • While vegetables and fruit contain carbs, you can have them on low carb diets. Vegetables do contain carbohydrates, the carbs are more complex, so they don’t spike sugar levels and take longer to get into your bloodstream.
  • You do have to be more careful with the type of fruit you eat on a low carb diet, making choices that are low in sugar. You also need to avoid starchy vegetables.
  • There are temporary side effects of low carb diets that include fatigue, muscle cramps, rash, digestive upsets, bad breath, weakness and headache. Extremely restricted carbs for long periods can create a host of nutritional and long term problems.

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