Motivate Yourself To Get Fit

motivate yourselfThe human brain is wired to find the easiest method of doing something. If it weren’t, we wouldn’t have all the labor saving devices. That’s one reason it’s so hard to start and stick with a program of exercise and also one huge reason most of America could use a program. In order to achieve success, you have motivate yourself to get fit. That motivation shouldn’t be in the form of food, particularly if that was always the reward for doing good when you were a child. You need to dig deep and find the perfect motivation.

Watch active kids have fun.

I had to preface with the word active, because too often kids today tie their fun to their cell phone, I-pad or computer. Many never get out and run in the sun or play basketball or dodgeball on the playground. When active kids are playing hard, you’ll hear squeals of laughter because they’re having fun. They’re also exercising. Take a cue from these kids and find something you enjoy doing and people who you enjoy doing it with. That’s one reason group training is so effective. It’s fun and social so you’re more apt to continue.

Do it for your family.

Sure, you should always create your own goals, but that doesn’t mean your motivation can’t be your family. Whether getting into shape is a way of having more energy to play and do fun things with them, live longer and watch them grow or set a great example of what you can achieve when you set your mind to something, your family is powerful motivation.

Set a goal…and then another…and then another…and then another.

I know that’s one of the things I asked you when you signed up was your goal. It’s extremely important to have one. It challenges you to continue even when you’re ready to take a break from working out. Have several goals that lead to the ultimate “OMG, I never thought I could do it” goal. If you want to make it dramatic, choose a special event to have the unveiling of the “new” you.

I love this motivation from one of my clients. She’s meticulous in her personal care and won’t let wash her hair unless it’s at the gym or after working out at home.

Write down the reason you started working out and look at it every day. Sometimes after a week or so, people forget their reason. It’s good to have a reminder available.

Work out with a supportive group of people. That’s one reason working out at Iron Fit gets such great results. Everyone is helpful, supportive and striving to reach a goal.

Take it one day at a time. When you first start working out, don’t think of how long it will take you to get back into shape. Focus on just that workout and doing it your best. Take each day at a time.

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