I was asked by a friend to join her at her gym for a free trial and was a bit skeptical, but joined her anyway. I’m so glad I did. I would go to a regular gym before that and would always leave unsatisfied and felt I had accomplished nothing. I didn’t know how to work different muscles and I stayed stagnant for longer than I should have, I know I needed change and that’s when I joined Iron Fit.

Since joining, I have noticed muscle growth and my strength has increased drastically. I went from barely doing a push up on my knees to knocking them out and lifting some pretty heavy weight. These are the best and most rewarding workouts you’ll ever find. Losing more than 40 pounds since starting has been an added bonus. For me what has been life changing is learning how to eat better and being aware of the little things that I never thought mattered. I have ran the Rock and Roll Relay Marathon and will be doing my first lifting competition soon, which is something I would have never thought of doing before joining Iron fit.

I am more confident and feel so much better about many things. I no longer need to take medication for my ulcerative colitis and no longer suffer from stomach pains and I only have Erik to thank for that. He gave me the tools to be successful and it was up to me to implement them and make it work. With his help and his guidance I have come a long way and he is the reason behind my success. The comradery at Iron Fit is one of the many reasons I enjoy coming in everyday and leaving satisfied with the diverse workouts is the icing on the healthy cake 🙂

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