Should You Workout Twice A Day?

Most people barely find time to do a daily exercise routine, let alone workout twice a day. However, there are those who seem to be overachievers and reasons to increase your workout. For most people, it’s not necessary, unless you break your exercise sessions up to smaller amounts of time. For instance, instead of a thirty-minute workout, you have two fifteen-minute workouts or three ten-minute workouts. Studies show that as long as the workout is at least ten minutes, breaking a workout into several sessions provides the same benefits.

You’ll be working out more when you exercise twice a day.

Of course, it’s obvious that you’ll be logging in more time, but the key here is that it will also be more quality time in the gym. Consider this, if you’re working out for an hour straight, is the last ten minutes as productive as the first? Some strength coaches swear by training twice a day, noting that it can increase muscle growth and strength by increasing protein synthesis, volume, anabolic output and metabolic capacity. However, the caveat is that it has to be correctly programmed with safety in mind.

While exercise burns off hormones that create stress, it also creates stress.

Double the workouts means not only double the sweaty gym clothes but also double the stress. While exercise burns off hormones from emotional stress, it also creates physical stress. Eventually, over time, your body adapts to that stress, but it can actually cause problems if you workout too much or too often. You can get too much of a good thing, especially if your body isn’t ready for it. Overworking your body, whether it’s doing strength training too often or working out twice a day, can create symptoms that range from suppressing your immune system to changes in your behavior and mood.

It all depends on why you’re training and if you have a coach.

If you have a goal that includes competition training or for a specific type of event like a Mudder or Iron Man competition, you’re probably better off only training once a day, unless you’re breaking down your training to shorter sessions, such as doing a 45-minute session in three 15-minute sessions. For those training for competition or have been training for a while, it’s always best to consult a personal trainer before starting a rigorous twice a day full workout.

  • Rather than train twice a day, how about increasing your movement throughout the day. Take a ten-minute walk at lunchtime or turn on the music and dance for a while at home.
  • Studies show that you’ll benefit from getting five minutes of exercise every hour, even if you workout regularly, if your job is sedentary. It’s all about keeping moving throughout the day.
  • If you’re going to exercise twice a day, do the most strenuous workout at the start of the day and take it easier on the second workout, which should be at least six hours or more after the first one.
  • Make sure you’re getting adequate sleep and good nutrition if you go the double workout route. Only do it if you’re already in shape and not if you’re a beginner.

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