Strip The Scale Of Its Power

If you’re one of my clients in San Antonio, Texas, you know that we look at various factors, besides the number on the scale, to check your progress. There’s a reason for that. Sometimes, the scales lie. That’s right, the scales simply don’t give the whole picture and by doing that, lead you to believe you’re a failure. There are other ways to keep the report from the scales in perspective and truly judge whether you’re making progress.

If you’re working out regularly, you’re most likely building muscle tissue.

Sometimes, people make great progress exercising and eat healthy meals, but when weigh in time comes, find they lost less than they wanted, didn’t lose anything or occasionally, gained a pound. How could that happen? Well it’s easy, they’ve been working out and building muscle tissue, which weighs more per cubic inch than fat tissue does. Luckily, muscle tissue is more compact, so a pound of muscle tissue would fit in a much smaller container than a pound of fat tissue. You’ll be slimmer, even if he scales say you aren’t.

Taking measurements, besides weighing in, can give you a more accurate picture.

If you take measurements all over your body and find that while you may not have lost a pound, you still lost inches. You’re making progress! One of the most important measurements is around your middle. The fat around your middle tends to be visceral fat, which crowds internal organs, making it the most unhealthy fat to have. If that measurement is smaller, you’re not only successfully losing weight, you’re improving your overall health.

Judge your progress by how your clothes fit.

Do you have a pair of pants or shorts that are a smidge too tight? Those can be your guide to whether you’re progressing or not. Every month, take out that clothing item and see how it fits. If it’s loose, you’re a winner! There will come a point when the clothing is so loose it will fall off. That’s when you use another pair of pants or shorts. It’s hard to judge just how much smaller you are when the pants have been too big for months. Most people have to buy new clothing at that point and usually buy it a bit snug if they have more weight to lose.

  • Scales can lie for other reasons. Your body weight is constantly fluctuating. Water retention, bloating and other problems can make you heavier. One way to avoid worrying about the daily fluctuations is to weigh in each week at the same time, on the same day of the week.
  • You’ll really benefit from exercise in a second way, besides losing inches. Muscle tissue requires more calories for maintenance, so the more you have, the more calories you’ll burn, boosting your metabolism.
  • Don’t ignore the scales, especially if you know you haven’t been true to your plan. While they are just one way to measure progress, weighing is also important. Just don’t judge yourself with every minor fluctuation.
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