The Millennials Workout

If you want fast results, you don’t have to be a millennial to benefit from the Millennials workout. These workouts are based on the latest scientific studies are just what the 20+ group loves. They use exercises and equipment to improve the effort and maximize the efficiency of the workout. The Millennials represent the age of information and finding the smartest way to accomplish a goal. That doesn’t mean other groups don’t do that too, but it’s just more prevalent in a group that grew up with a mouse in their hand and knew how to swipe a phone before they could walk.

Always looking for something new and better.

When you exercise, new isn’t always better, but it can be. Taking the best of the old and updating with newer techniques is one of the ways this trendsetting generation likes to roll. The kettlebells have a long history, but are relatively new to the fitness area in the US. They provide a total body workout that’s quick and produces fast results. That’s one of the types of exercises Millennials like, but also fits the active lifestyle of baby boomers and the GenX group.

Living healthier through regular workouts and healthy eating.

This is not the meat and potato generation of the past. Nor are they the body abusing love children of the 60s who took every drug they could find because….well, they could. You don’t have to be born at a certain time to qualify for millennial thinking. It’s the new attitude that you’re given one body and one life, so treat it nicely. In fact, some of those same hippies from the 60s now embrace the healthier lifestyle and tech savvy of Millennials.

Millennials get loads of info online.

No matter what the project or task, someone has made a YouTube video or blog about it. That’s not to say every word or video you find on the internet is legit and correct. People with a millennial attitude dig deeper, while also finding the newest workout techniques. Circuit training, for example, is one of those techniques that when used with weight training, can bring huge results.

If you have a support system through social media to help you stick with healthy eating and a program of exercise, you qualify for Millennial status, regardless of your date of birth.

People who consider a healthy diet and regular exercise is more than just for losing weight, but for feeling good too, have a Millennial mind set.

The less time consuming full body workout is now super popular. Getting strong, while building endurance is the key to the latest workouts.

No matter what your age, getting healthy involves more than just shedding pounds and eating right. It also includes keeping a positive attitude and enjoying each day.

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