Tips For Stronger Bones

The concern for bone loss and osteoporosis has become far more prevalent. You can tell by the fact that Medicare provides a free bone density test. Bone loss doesn’t have to occur or take as much of a toll if you follow a few tips. While you may not be able to eliminate it completely or reverse some of the damage, you can build stronger bones by following a few of these tips to promote bone health.

What you eat makes a difference.

A healthy diet definitely can make a difference when it comes to bone health. While protein is an important part of a healthy diet, too much animal protein may actually be a deterrent to bone health. Some studies indicate a diet high in animal protein might lead to a loss of calcium, which is based on calcium found in the urine. However, studies refuting that show that it might be because there’s simply more calcium from the diet and it’s not calcium from the subject’s bones. While calcium is important, you also need other valuable nutrients to maintain bone density.

Are you getting enough sunshine vitamin?

Vitamin D should be readily available and nobody should have a deficit, unless they have a physical condition. That’s because the body uses the sun to create it. Of course, people in colder climates will have less exposure in the winter and chronic use of sunblocks will prevent the sun’s rays from starting the process. Getting smart sun exposure that allows a protective tan should be everyone’s goal. So should having adequate vitamin K2—not K1 that causes clotting—magnesium, phosphorus and other trace minerals. K2 is necessary to direct the flow of calcium to go into the bones, rather than leach out, magnesium and phosphorus play a role in bone production.

Boost your exercise time and add weight bearing exercises to keep bones healthy.

You may automatically think of weight lifting when you hear weight bearing exercise, but it can be something as mundane as simply walking. Weight bearing exercise makes the muscles work, which tugs at the bones and encourages the body to add more calcium to keep them strong and protected from breaking. So take a walk every day and make it a brisk one to boost your cardio and endurance, getting a double benefit. If you already have thinning bones, use low impact exercise, such as walking fast or even stomping your feet can increase the density of hip bones.

  • Don’t forget your vitamin C. Not only will you boost your immune system, citrus fruit and vitamin C have been shown to help prevent bone loss.
  • Is dairy out of your diet? Many people find that the older they get, the less they tolerate dairy products. If you drink alternatives, such as almond milk, make sure they’re fortified with vitamin D and calcium.
  • Tackle hills and stairs with gusto. Going up and down stairs or on a hilly grade can boost the bone saving help that walking brings. Make it brisk and vary your speed to improve your endurance.
  • You’ll love the kettlebell training we offer and many of the other exercises that help bone density. Come into Iron Fit for a free 3-day pass. If you have a physical condition, such as thinning bones, let your personal trainer know that, so he or she can create the perfect workout for your condition.

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