Which Kettlebells Are The Best For You?

Kettlebells have taken the fitness industry by storm. They’ve been around for a long time, but in the past ten years, have become some of the most important tools for building muscle and losing weight. Why are they good? It’s all about their center of gravity. It’s about six to eight inches beyond your hand. Your core muscles are forced to work harder to keep you stable, thus burning more calories, build strong muscles and providing functional fitness in the process. Functional fitness is the type of fitness that helps prepare your body for everyday tasks, like lifting a bag of groceries or picking up something off the floor.

What types of kettlebells are available.

As kettlebells become more popular, there are more options from which to choose. Some are adjustable, some are the traditional cast iron with others that have a vinyl coating. There are competition kettlebells and ones that you use for any type of training. The competition kettlebells have a smaller handle diameter, regulated dimensions and a required handle alignment with the bottom of the kettlebell. If you’re just starting out and don’t think you’re ever going to compete, you don’t need this type of kettlebell.

It’s all about the grip.

Before you buy, grip the handle. Is the handle extremely thick? If your fingers don’t wrap around it completely, you need to find a different one. The extra effort to hold on can tire out your forearms, stopping before you finish your workout. A handle that’s too narrow is also bad. One problem with competition kettlebells is that they’re made for just the width of one hand. When you’re using kettlebells as part of a workout, there are a lot of two handed exercises that are beneficial. Make sure both hands can fit on the handle.

Identify the size of kettlebell you need.

The stronger you are, the heavier the kettlebell. The more knowledge you have of form and more advanced movements you do, the heavier the kettlebell. 17lbs is a great way to start for most women to learn basic moves. Once that’s done, work up to 26 pounds for two hand swings and ultimately 35 pounds for advanced moves. For men, starting at 26 pounds and working up first to 35 pounds and then to 53 pounds is the normal progression.

  • Make sure your kettlebell handle has a smooth grip that doesn’t have burrs or roughness. Those can cause nicks in the skin and hurt your hand in swings.
  • While vinyl coating can help prevent floor scratches and feel smooth, they can also be slippery and the vinyl can wear, leaving rough edges.
  • The body of the kettlebell shouldn’t be completely round. It should have a flat bottom but not a plastic addition with feet that can gouge your arm in a swing.
  • At Iron Fit, we make sure that you have the right type and size of kettlebell for your level of fitness and experience.

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