You Can Exercise Anywhere!

If you’re always on the go and traveling, you might think you don’t have time to exercise. You’d be wrong. Everyone has a few minutes here and a few minutes there, all they need is the workout. You can exercise anywhere and at any time, but you have to remember to do it. Just standing in line, you can burn calories and work your legs with a calf raise by going up on your toes and slowly dropping back down with both heals and toes on the floor.

Choose to walk or ride a bike when you go for lunch or go to the store.

Some of the simplest things are the easiest to blend into your day. You can walk almost anywhere. Are you waiting for a plane? Take 15 minutes of that half hour wait to walk the length of the concourse. You can walk briskly and won’t stand out from others who are trying to make their flight. Slip out of the ordinary when it’s your break at work and go up and down the stairs as many times as you can. Make it a challenge to beat your record. Get a basket for your bike and make it your form of transportation, whether it’s a short jaunt to the store or to visit a friend.

Do some isometric exercises.

Isometric exercises are really subtle. It’s a matter of tightening your muscles and holding. Try one for your abs by tightening your tummy as you blow all the air out of your lungs and hold. Pinch your buttocks cheeks together, tightening them as much as you can and hold. Keegle exercises are great for the pelvic floor and especially if you’re having problems with incontinence. People won’t see the difference, but you won’t worry about sneezing and coughing with a full bladder after a few months of doing them.

Lower your blood pressure and boost your nitric oxide with this short four minute workout.

Dr. Zack Bush created a four part workout that’s quick and you can do it anywhere called the nitric oxide dump. It helps boost the nitric oxide in your body that has many health benefits, such as causing blood vessels to widen and blood pressure to lower or stimulate the increase of HGH—human growth hormone. Each set has: ten deep squats, ten 90 degree arm swings, ten jumping jacks without the leg movement and ten overhead military presses. Do four sets and repeat three times throughout the day with at least two hours in between.

  • You can break your workouts up to ten minute sessions and spread them throughout the day. It’s perfect when you have a crowded schedule and want to de-stress when you have a few minutes of time.
  • Make even those walks during lunch more beneficial by changing it to a HIIT workout—high intensity interval training. All you do is modify the exercise by going at top speed/intensity for a while and then back down to a recovery pace or an equal amount of time.
  • Stretches promote flexibility and you can do them at your desk, riding in a car and even waiting at the doctor’s office. Bend your head side-to-side, and forward to backward. Reach toward the sky palms facing upward. Roll your shoulders. There’s any number of stretches you can do.
  • Have you been sitting two long? Get up and move around and do a walking lunge as you do. It might look funny, but you’ll feel the stretch and renew yourself. Our trainers will show you more exercises you can do anywhere.

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