#1 Reason to Trash Your Shapewear and Restrictive Undergarments

We’ve had another amazing week here at the SCULPTAFIT Studio, changing women’s lives through “proper” fitness…

The good word is continuing to spread and our classes are filling up, mostly with women who didn’t have a proper fitness solution until we opened our doors…

Here’s a fun photo we recently took in between classes. Can you sense the positive energy??


And now on to today’s topic:

The #1 Reason to Trash Your Shapewear and Restrictive Undergarments

“Shapewear” is a huge moneymaking category in women’s apparel, with SPANX being the leader, valued at over $1 Billion (yes, billion with a B).

The reason shapewear generates so much money is simple:

“The garments offer a possible temporary “quick-fix” for
a major problem of many out of shape women – women of
all ages, from early 20’s to mid 70’s… Their insecurities make
them buy these and wedge themselves into the garments…”

With some work, a woman can literally squeeze herself into a “waist to ankle” undergarment (sometimes a full-body undergarment) in attempts to smooth-out the flab, the ripples and saggy excess body-fat… Then she puts on her outer layer of clothes – and she “doesn’t look so bad” anymore…

The Big Shapewear Lie: "Who's Fooling Who?"

The Big Shapewear Lie: “Who’s Fooling Who?”


But the day has just begun and she has at least 9 hours of quiet suffering to go before she can pry herself out of the uncomfortable underlayer that allows her to present the physical facade to anyone who sees her during the course of the day…

Going to the bathroom is a chore,
because it takes a bit of work to partially remove the undergarments and then “squeeze” everything back in when done with the potty break…

And because of their inherent restrictive and “overtight” nature, they can make a woman uncomfortably hot and sweaty, leading to other “female problems” in the sensitive zones and problem areas… (gas, UTI’s, circulatory issues, cellulite, numbness & tingling, etc…)

But that is all just the tip of the iceberg because there are a few more serious problems that are caused by a woman’s dysfunctional reliance on shapewear…




First – a woman must realize, she’s only fooling herself by wearing shapewear, because at the end of the day, you have to remove them and face reality, yes – the truth. You can’t wear them when it’s time to make love and you can’t wear them under a bikini…

Your “birthday suit” doesn’t come with a set of shapewear…

Second (and this is a BIGGER problem), even if you can fake everyone else out when you are wearing your temporary, body-constricting “shapewear”… There’s one more thing you can’t fake – and that is the actual “fitness” of your body…

Your false and uncomfortable “underlayer” acts as a band-aid that temporarily covers the external “symptoms” of an out of shape and unhealthy body…

Shapewear Rolldown

Shapewear Rolldown


“And the more a woman relies on the undergarments to
present a false version of her body, the more she let’s
her true health and wellness suffer…”

How does that happen?

Here’s how: by avoiding proper exercise and decent eating habits – which, if done consistently – would allow her to stop wasting money on the undergarments and STOP wearing them altogether because her body would be firm, toned, lifted, strong and NATURALLY shapely…

And she would FEEL AMAZING & SELF-CONFIDENT even when NAKED (regardless of AGE)…

Here’s the truth: by letting your body go, and thinking you can “cover things up” when in public – the only thing you’re doing is sacrificing your personal health and well-being…

The key to fixing this paradox is to take care of yourself. DON’T neglect yourself.

“Invest a little time daily to focus on your
health and fitness, because the benefits
come back to you in multiples…”

Your entire body is a divine gift that was given to your spirit at birth.
YOU have the basic responsibility to nurture, protect and enjoy that gift – your body. It CANNOT be neglected, It WAS NOT designed to be treated poorly and disrespected…

Your body is the vehicle that carries around your mind, spirit and soul. YOU MUST maintain that precious vehicle, and NOT run it into the ground.

When you “see the light” and get yourself on the right track, not only does your body improve, both internally and on the surface, BUT your self-esteem and confidence skyrockets.

In essence, you become a new woman and you think back and wonder to yourself “How did I ever get myself to squeeze into those prison-like undergarments everyday??”

You become free by taking simple responsibility for your wellness and fitness, and your life changes for the better – EVERY DAY.

You feel positive and happy about the healthy, fit and toned version of you. And when it’s time to be naked, you feel good about being in your own skin – and being seen by your special someone during times of intimacy…

Loving is good – and life is good…

It’s time for you to ditch the shapewear and RE-SHAPE your body (and self-image) for real, in a way that provides benefits not only to your superficial appearance but also to your health, wellness and longevity… Body, mind and spirit. (NO SHAPEWEAR will ever do all that).

I’m working on the schedule for the upcoming week and I have 3 free spots open for Complimentary Sample Sessions (these will be gone VERY fast). If you want one of them, here’s how to reach me to see if I still have any left

A – call me (or text me right now): 904-891-3680
B – Or email me: Nikki@SCULPTAFIT.com

So I can reserve your free spot and get you in here, to try The Method for FREE and have you meet some of the other amazing and friendly women here…

Or if you just want to get a FREE start at home, you can get our “7-Day Slim & Tone at Home” here:

FREE "7-Day Slim & Tone at Home" Videos

FREE “7-Day Slim & Tone at Home” Videos

Here’s to your wellness and longevity,

– Nikki
PS – here’s a candid from one of the gentle classes this past week while the coaches were waiting for a few other women to arrive (while Joey is NOT ALLOWED in the Studio during sessions, we did allow him to jump in quickly for this photo opp (all our clients love him – it’s pretty hard not to 🙂



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