Claiming Your Power, Overcoming Obstacles and “Raising Health” with Dr Jen Cronin

Reclaiming Your Lost Powers, Healthy Self-Care and Listening to Your Body

Here are several life-improving items we talk about:

1 – Claiming or reclaiming your lost personal power
2 – Setting boundaries, self-care and self-love
3 – Listening to Your body
4 – Dr Jen’s major lower-back ordeal, stem cell trial and eventual surgery
5 – How Dr Jen is “Raising Health” and how you can do the same…

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Anti Aging Wellness Studio Reveals Secrets Local Women Are Discovering

Anti Aging Wellness Studio Reveals Secrets Discovered by Local Women

One of the Master Coaches let the ‘Candid Cam’ run during a closed-door meeting in the SCULPTAFIT Studio…

There is a lot wisdom and actionable info shared in this segment, so we edited out the super-private, proprietary clips and posted the video here to share with you and anyone else you’d like to share it with:

Anti-Aging Wellness Studio Reveals Secrets Discovered by Local Women

Some of the topics you’ll hear:

1 – Joey’s recent Annual Physical Exam Results and The Amazing Changes Happening in Middle-Age

2 – The 4-week Improvements and Progressions Women are Seeing and Feeling (they say “It’s like magic…!”)

3 – The #1 Myth About “Getting Old” That Prematurely Ages Women and Men Every Day

4 – The Natural Way for Women to Regain Health, Slim-Strengthen-Tone, Clear Out Mental Fog, Boost Energy, and Ignite True Happiness and Zest for Life!

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