Joey and SCULPTAFIT Client Debbie

SCULPTAFIT Client Case Study Debbie Will Inspire Many Women

As you might already know, our mission and specialty is to inspire women to overcome their past battles and challenges of being out of shape and unhealthy, leading them to youthful fitness and energetic vibrancy…

Today’s golden example of inspiration comes in the form of Debbie Dorr’s 3 month update (you may remember her 1 month update we shared a few months ago) as a client at SCULPTAFIT in Saint Johns/Mandarin (you’ll be able to apply her principles to your life STARTING TODAY)…

So you can put a face with the name, here is a photo of Debbie and Joey after a sunrise beach-walk a few weeks ago at Mickler’s Landing in Ponte Vedra (we do fun activities like this, around the area, as a free, value-added bonus for all our clients of the SCULPTAFIT Studio)

Joey and SCULPTAFIT Client Debbie

Joey and SCULPTAFIT Client Debbie

Here is Debbie’s Powerful 3-Month Update:

A – 11 pounds down
B – 2 inches off the hips
C – 4 inches off the waist
D – Energy is WAY up
E – Attitude toward life is AWESOME…

SCULPTAFIT Client Case Study Debbie

Debbie’s Key Points of Inspiration:

1 – She attends 2-3 SCULPTAFIT sessions per week

2 – She does ‘D.I.B.S.’ on the other days (this stands for “Days In Between Sessions” and we provide all our clients with access to a private library of simple coaching videos to follow)

3 – She doesn’t “diet”, but rather is now making smarter eating choices based on her goals and the value she places on her health and longevity

4 – She follows the SCULPTAFIT philosophy of life. (this is a subtle shift in mindset and a new group of positive people in your life who support your goals, and help motivate you to get out of the self-destructive habits you’ve been following for the last bunch of years)

Debbie’s story is actually a bit deeper and more powerful than shown above. She overcame a battle with cancer before finding us, and we’ll be sharing that story in due time as well.

How to Fuel Your Motivation to Reach YOUR Goals

For now, here are the key points that you can use to fuel your own motivation
to take back control of your life, your body, your health and your future (if you don’t do this – everything just keeps getting worse and worse – and no medication can save you the way a proper healthy lifestyle can)

1 – Find a program that is SUITABLE to YOU and your needs.
(the wrong program can set you back badly, so choose carefully here) One thing you can do right now (For FREE) is get started at home with our “7-Day Slim & Tone at Home” program on this page

FREE "7-Day Slim & Tone at Home" Videos

FREE “7-Day Slim & Tone at Home” Videos

2 – Find supportive activities that you can do on the other days. You must do some physical activity on your “sedentary” days in order to reverse the evil effects of aging.

3 – STOP yo-yo dieting.
…And just create a sensible plan of eating that can be followed all year round no matter where you are and what you’re doing.

4 – Follow, or create your own, “philosophy” of life, and the habits that support that philosophy. This becomes your “GPS” for your daily, weekly and monthly actions. Simple but so effective…

It’s quite possible to do those on your own – BUT very unlikely as you might already be thinking. And that’s why we are here… to create the right scenario for YOU to follow the right steps, easily and naturally – for life.

If you’re unsure or still uncertain, just reach out to Nikki (904-891-3680) to set up a time to talk so you can get everything you need to know in order for you to start taking the positive steps for yourself.

If you’re a little unsure or insecure, no worries, because we totally understand
– and we’d be happy to have you visit for a relaxed Studio Tour, so you can really get a feel for what we are all about and how we can help you turn your health and fitness around.

Nobody else can do this for you. You are the captain of your personal ship…. Don’t let that ship sink. WE CAN HELP YOU…

In health and wellness,

– The SCULPTAFIT Team; Melanie, Nikki, Kaci, Joey

PS – call or text Nikki right now (904-891-3680) so you can try one our gentle Signature SCULPTAFIT Sample Sessions (at NO CHARGE, totally free, 100% “On the House”!).. or maybe you just want to visit for a Studio Tour to see what we have here for you, before you try a Sample Session.

PS – even if you just have some questions about it, give her a call, so you can see if this is actually something that would be a great fit for your personal needs. Maybe you just want to come on for a relaxed Studio Tour as a first “baby step”, and then maybe try a Sample Session after that… Just let her know.

PPS – here is Debbie’s 1-month progress update that I mentioned at the top of this page:


#1 Weight-Dropping Tip for Women in 40's, 50's, 60's

#1 Weight-Dropping Tip for Women in 40’s, 50’s, 60’s

Before we cover the Best Weight-Dropping Tips, it’s important that we cover a critical question…

IMPORTANT Weight-Loss QUESTION: Which of these have you attempted?

A – Fad-Diets: You’ve tried a few of these over the years. And what happened? You do it for a while, ‘maybe’ lost weight. But then you stop for whatever reason. And ALL the weight comes back, sometimes even MORE weight comes back… (And slowly keeps piling on as the years tick by).

B – Quick-Fixes and “Procedures”: These range from “toxin cleanses” to H.C.G. shots to appetite suppressants to “alternative treatments” (aka – SCAMS), and you know a few of the others as well… AND, we all know how those turned out right? NOT TOO GOOD.

C – Personal Procrastination of Facing THE TRUTH:
You know deep down you’ve let yourself go…

It’s no secret that you need to exercise and eat better. And buying a “gym membership” and not using it doesn’t count as exercise. However, you’re probably better off because most women who force themselves to keep going, either get hurt, or don’t get “the results” they desire. BUT…

– You KNOW something MUST be done… (You see it in the mirror and you ‘feel’ it)
– Your doctor keeps telling you…
– It’s all over the media… (“letting yourself go” is the best way to age fast and die younger)

And YOU are WISE enough to ADMIT IT…. BUT…

You’re confused (and rightfully so). You don’t know what TYPE of exercise you’re supposed to be doing… And your “eating” is all over the place…

It’s frustrating, no doubt…. (and you’re not alone with this issue).

Maybe you even tried a personal trainer in the past, only to realize that is a severely DYSFUNCTIONAL way of trying to get yourself into shape, and healthy. (most trainers want to “push you” on the weights and stack-machines like you’re an athlete or a bodybuilder… Silly, really.)

We’ll cover the essence of proper exercise in a moment, but for now…

Here are the 3 Critical Weight-Loss Tips for Women in 40’s, 50’s, 60’s:

1 – You CANNOT remain “sedentary” and expect to lose weight. There is NO MAGIC PILL that that can “slim down” a sedentary, sluggish & bogged down body.

Get this; you have 640 muscles in your body, and if you don’t activate them regularly, you get flabby, fat and sickly. So simple. That is a law of nature….

sedentary woman in chair

When you look in the mirror naked – you see the superficial symptoms of a body (and life) that is decaying and aging rapidly, right before your eyes.

If you’re sedentary by choice – well, then don’t complain when that reunion, wedding party, vacation or other “would be” fun event, comes around you don’t want to go because of all the excess weight you’re lugging around and you can’t find the right clothes to hide under…

*Start moving, keep moving – and the fat will gradually disappear* …

2 – You must eat in a way that SUPPORTS YOUR LIFE
(I’m not talking about dieting… Fad-DIETS are A SICK JOKE).

WE need high quality, nutrient dense foods and meals in order to SLOW the aging process, protect us against decay and disease, and let us live with strength, vigor, vitality and HIGH quality of life – regardless of our age.

You CANNOT eat garbage and expect to be in good health… wake up!! it just doesn’t work that way. If you’re seeking happiness in food – it’s NOT there. (we help women reverse these dysfunctions).

Oh, and medications & surgeries CANNOT replace good nutrition habits – and they can’t repair the damage done by constant consumption of garbage foods. (Just because trashy foods exist DOES NOT mean we are supposed to be eating them. We have to be ‘mindful’ of the choices we are personally responsible for.)

3 – You must respect, honor and protect your body
– the GIFT it is… with APPROPRIATE and Gentle exercise.

By stimulating it with PROPER gentle exercise – you *reverse muscle atrophy and you re-activate dormant muscles*, which NEED fuel – and that fuel comes from those excess fat deposits being stored all over your body.

Those metabolically active muscles start eating away at that excess body-fat like termites eating wood.

YOU MUST KNOW the proper type of exercise program that is APPROPRIATE for a woman. I’m not talking about a “gym program” with painful weights and awkward machines… Not talking about a wild dance class, or a brutal boot-camp….

NONE of that is for YOU, …

Your PROPER “Female-Focused” Exercise Program MUST Include:

A – Natural & Functional Movements that Stimulate ALL 640 muscles of the body so you can burn away excess body-fat and reshape saggy, mushy muscles…

B – Gentle and Enjoyable Programming that Makes You WANT to Keep Doing it so you can get ALL the anti-aging, body-toning benefits for years to come

C – Must NOT include risky or dangerous moves that can hurt or injure you

D – Range of motion/flexibility
to reduce aches & pains and increase mobility, stamina and energy

E – Accountability, Support, Camaraderie…

F – And it MUST be FUN

ALL of That Is Our Specialty

At the SCULPTAFIT Studio of Saint Johns, South Mandarin, Fleming Island – you can do ALL OF THAT… Because this is our specialty:

And on that note, I must let you know that I have 2 FREE Sample Session “Women’s Weight-Loss Packages” to give away right now, (someone else just grabbed one before you) and I’d like YOU to have one of these last 2.

This 1 free fitness & fat-loss session gives you a chance to see what a “Proper Female Fitness” program is supposed to look and FEEL like.

Here is what you get (keep in mind this is IDEAL for women in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s)

*Free* SCULPTAFIT Sample Session “Women’s Weight-Loss Package” which includes:

1 – a Complete SCULPTAFIT Sample Session class & Studio Tour (you’ll know exactly what proper fat-burning, anti-aging exercise is like)

2 – Take-Away “Slim & Tone” Cheat-Sheet:
with notes/suggestions on what you can do on your own

3 – Free print copy of Joey’s book “Fatness to Fitness” – which includes the 28-Day Blow-Torch “Diet”, with all meals, foods, beverages, snacks, etc…

If you’re in your 40’s, 50’s, or 60’s and you have 15 to 90 LBS to lose, and you want one of these *Free* Sample Session “Women’s Weight-Loss Packages” then do this:

Call or text me (Nikki) asap at: 904-891-3680

Or email me now:

**PLEASE include your best phone number, to have the best shot at getting one these free session packages.
sculptafit studio review womens fitness program
At minimum,
you’ll finish your Sample Session KNOWING EXACTLY what you should be doing to slim down, be in shape and get healthy again.

Oh and here’s another post from a few other “wise women”;

sculptafit studio review womens fitness program