SCULPTAFIT Client Case Study Debbie Will Inspire Many Women

As you might already know, our mission and specialty is to inspire women to overcome their past battles and challenges of being out of shape and unhealthy, leading them to youthful fitness and energetic vibrancy…

Today’s golden example of inspiration comes in the form of Debbie Dorr’s 3 month update (you may remember her 1 month update we shared a few months ago) as a client at SCULPTAFIT in Saint Johns/Mandarin (you’ll be able to apply her principles to your life STARTING TODAY)…

So you can put a face with the name, here is a photo of Debbie and Joey after a sunrise beach-walk a few weeks ago at Mickler’s Landing in Ponte Vedra (we do fun activities like this, around the area, as a free, value-added bonus for all our clients of the SCULPTAFIT Studio)

Joey and SCULPTAFIT Client Debbie

Joey and SCULPTAFIT Client Debbie

Here is Debbie’s Powerful 3-Month Update:

A – 11 pounds down
B – 2 inches off the hips
C – 4 inches off the waist
D – Energy is WAY up
E – Attitude toward life is AWESOME…

SCULPTAFIT Client Case Study Debbie

Debbie’s Key Points of Inspiration:

1 – She attends 2-3 SCULPTAFIT sessions per week

2 – She does ‘D.I.B.S.’ on the other days (this stands for “Days In Between Sessions” and we provide all our clients with access to a private library of simple coaching videos to follow)

3 – She doesn’t “diet”, but rather is now making smarter eating choices based on her goals and the value she places on her health and longevity

4 – She follows the SCULPTAFIT philosophy of life. (this is a subtle shift in mindset and a new group of positive people in your life who support your goals, and help motivate you to get out of the self-destructive habits you’ve been following for the last bunch of years)

Debbie’s story is actually a bit deeper and more powerful than shown above. She overcame a battle with cancer before finding us, and we’ll be sharing that story in due time as well.

How to Fuel Your Motivation to Reach YOUR Goals

For now, here are the key points that you can use to fuel your own motivation
to take back control of your life, your body, your health and your future (if you don’t do this – everything just keeps getting worse and worse – and no medication can save you the way a proper healthy lifestyle can)

1 – Find a program that is SUITABLE to YOU and your needs.
(the wrong program can set you back badly, so choose carefully here) One thing you can do right now (For FREE) is get started at home with our “7-Day Slim & Tone at Home” program on this page

FREE "7-Day Slim & Tone at Home" Videos

FREE “7-Day Slim & Tone at Home” Videos

2 – Find supportive activities that you can do on the other days. You must do some physical activity on your “sedentary” days in order to reverse the evil effects of aging.

3 – STOP yo-yo dieting.
…And just create a sensible plan of eating that can be followed all year round no matter where you are and what you’re doing.

4 – Follow, or create your own, “philosophy” of life, and the habits that support that philosophy. This becomes your “GPS” for your daily, weekly and monthly actions. Simple but so effective…

It’s quite possible to do those on your own – BUT very unlikely as you might already be thinking. And that’s why we are here… to create the right scenario for YOU to follow the right steps, easily and naturally – for life.

If you’re unsure or still uncertain, just reach out to Nikki (904-891-3680) to set up a time to talk so you can get everything you need to know in order for you to start taking the positive steps for yourself.

If you’re a little unsure or insecure, no worries, because we totally understand
– and we’d be happy to have you visit for a relaxed Studio Tour, so you can really get a feel for what we are all about and how we can help you turn your health and fitness around.

Nobody else can do this for you. You are the captain of your personal ship…. Don’t let that ship sink. WE CAN HELP YOU…

In health and wellness,

– The SCULPTAFIT Team; Melanie, Nikki, Kaci, Joey

PS – call or text Nikki right now (904-891-3680) so you can try one our gentle Signature SCULPTAFIT Sample Sessions (at NO CHARGE, totally free, 100% “On the House”!).. or maybe you just want to visit for a Studio Tour to see what we have here for you, before you try a Sample Session.

PS – even if you just have some questions about it, give her a call, so you can see if this is actually something that would be a great fit for your personal needs. Maybe you just want to come on for a relaxed Studio Tour as a first “baby step”, and then maybe try a Sample Session after that… Just let her know.

PPS – here is Debbie’s 1-month progress update that I mentioned at the top of this page:



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